While I’m not sure about the truth and validity of this story, the morale of the tale won’t “escape” us…… (Yes, pun intended…)

Read on, friends – the account of Houdini and the locked door he couldn’t open will challenge you to examine how your own beliefs can have an effect on your behavior.

Harry Houdini, the famous escapist, had become so accomplished in his art, that he started to issue challenges to people to find him the strongest box, or cage or water barrel, and the most secure or complex system of chains and locks, so that he could show off his expertise.

A bank in England had made a safe that they claimed was impenetrable, and they contacted Houdini to dare him to try and break out of it.

Houdini could not resist the challenge. He went to England to prove the safe-makers wrong.

After he was bound and locked in the safe, Houdini went through his normal routine. He had developed the process to such a fine art over the years that he was supremely calm and confident that he could pick the lock of the door.

But after the first hour, Houdini was not feeling quite so calm or confident. He had used up all of the normal maneuvers and strategies without success. With sweat now pouring off of him, he began to struggle and pull at the lock. No matter what he tried, the lock would not budge.

After two hours, Houdini was totally exhausted. He fell against the huge door of the safe, which moved and swung open.

The door had never been closed and locked in the first place!

But in Houdini’s mind that door was more secure than it ever could have been if it had been locked.

If something is true for us then it’s true, no matter what other people might tell us. If you want to change your behavior, start first with changing your beliefs.

Henry Ford Told Us:

“If you think you can, or you think you cannot- you’re absolutely right!

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