Ordinarily in the arena of Sadhana or spiritual practice external rituals are mimicked and whenever someone imbibes these external rites in his daily life, a group of people tend to follow in his footsteps. Since hidden sentiments behind these symbols, soul purification and disciplines of true living are neither truly understood nor imbibed, how will they reap rich dividends?

Our Gurudeva was advised by his preceptor: You must reinstate an imperishable flame torch of clarified butter or Ghee symbolizing the bond between us so that none forgets the other. Since I had appeared before you as a mass of divine light its memory should remain eternally. Revered Gurudeva reverently imbibe the commands of his beloved master and did exactly that.

When Gurudeva journeyed to Himalayas in the years 1941, 1951 and 1960 he yet observed that discipline. Revered Mataji writes in the 1951 Akhand Jyoti Magazine, that it is now my prime responsibility to look after the management of this magazine. As an editor this was her first attempt because in that period the time span of Gurudeva’s Himalayan travel would be more than 1 year. Three chief tasks had been set up by Gurudeva for Revered Mataji and they were:

1) The Akhand Jyoti or flame torch remains lit for 10 more years ceaselessly. Initially this torch was lit for the time span of 24 Mahapurashcharanas of Gayatri practice yet despite the task being completed it should not be bid adieu. Just as in 40 days 1 Anushthan of Gayatri (.125 million Mantras) is completed in the same way when the flame torch remains lit for 40 years without pause the Akhand Jyoti or torch flame becomes Sidha or spiritually omnipotent. This torch already had been lit for 30 years and family members one by one keeping awake for 24 hours saw to it that the flame never got extinguished and hence why leave it incomplete when only 10 years are left? (Akhand Jyoti Magazine-October, 1951, pages 6/7/8). Since the decision regarding the time period after 1971 was to be unveiled by Gurudeva on his return from Himalaya journey we have not discussed the episode of their changing residence and going to Haridwar where this imperishable flame torch or Akhand Jyoti was kept. Whatever may be the case yet HH Mataji acted scrupulously as per the directions of Gurudeva. Within its divine light by gaining Darshan of Gurudeva and his revered preceptor she ran the gigantic household called All World Gayatri Family. She continued to edit the magazine and shouldered all those duties which she had to execute as the chief of an institution.

2) The second command was to ceaselessly do Japa in front of this flame torch and a program must be designed to execute 24 Anushthans comprising 2.4 million Mantras in 10 years.

3) The 3rd command that in which ever place this flame torch was kept in front of which ceaseless Japa was carried out from there sacred qualities be imbibed and only then the Akhand Jyoti Magazine must be published.

There exists an extraordinary deep import of lighting flame torches ceaselessly for many years. We had commenced this literature with an episode which we will continue to elaborate upon. The lay public by following others and by looking at the fount of success as a visible ritual no doubt lights an imperishable flame torch yet they fail to do this ceaselessly in the long run. A flame becomes Sidha only when it is accompanied by intense austerities by a spiritually credible devotee. This is not some miniscule task that can be handed over to just about anyone. One not only has to do Japa-Anushthan but that by looking upon self purification as a very important spiritual practice must be undergone steadfastly. This very task had been fulfilled by revered Gurudeva and Mataji and even today one finds this flame torch in Shantikunj (Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India) that has been kept lit ceaselessly for 64 years. It is the fount of all divine inspirations and Sidhis. In front of it even today ceaseless Mantra chanting is done. In its close proximity .1 billion Gayatri Mantra Japa is executed and in a Yajnashala having 9 Kundis or pyres Ahutis or sacred offerings are made to the Yajna fire. From this seeds of true spiritually sprout forth and bloom as flowers and fruits. In its sacred light revered Gurudeva wrote volumes of great literature and carried out worship and meditation. The present lines too have written after getting due inspiration of this ceaselessly lit flame torch called Akhand Deep or Jyoti. In it there is no lone effort because at its root is at work the power of austerities executed by Gurudeva which rendered him a Super Human imbued with immense Brahmavarchas or Divine Aura. In future too this will take place exactly as is happening today.

Over here we are writing in detail because those Gayatri Family members who come here to see and have Darshan of this flame torch must understand its root philosophy and subtle Sidhi. If in order to follow this tradition they too light a flame torch in their homes they must make due efforts to render it Sidha Jyoti or spiritually potent flame. If this is not possible since along with keeping this torch ceaselessly lit intense austerities too have to be undergone then they can yet accrue benefits of our Akhand Jyoti by reading and imbibing sacred teaching of revered Gurudeva whose inspiration rests in the sacred power of this divine light of the flame torch. Much more is the importance of such Sidha Jyotis when compared to importance of places where great spiritual aspirants have performed penance called Sidhapeethas. In it a great devotee assiduously surrendered his very life for a great mission and not only awakened his own Kundalini Shakti but that in order to awaken the Kundalini of the world became potently subtle (Sookshmikaran) post death and even today is very much active in the subtle world.

Majority of times letters are received at Shantikunj and in Mathura too that for our sake please carry out certain number of Japa for a particular goal and in return we will send you cash. Those writing such letters do not know that Japa programs cannot be ‘rented’. This in fact is a fraudulent business of vain arrogant priests which our revered Gurudeva mocked and opposed all his lifetime. Japa and austerities must be done by our self. Yes! In order that no obstacle comes in the way of Anushthans, we at Shantikunj can protect then through the Rishi existence of Shantikunj as per the promise given by revered Gurudeva. This promise exists today and will hold in future too wherein if someone is doing Japa, Anushthan etc at his home or elsewhere he/she will get due protection from all obstacles and hardships forever by our extraordinarily divine existence. What is mainly to be understood is that due thought be given to augmenting ones sanctity and uprooting various taints and that in comparison to purifying ones sentiments less importance be given to superficial rites and rituals. If while chanting Mantras we pay attention only to its numbers, know that this is like ‘bartering’ with Almighty Lord. There exists no such register in the abode of God and Mother Gayatri wherein the number of Mantras chanted is written and noted. Over there in fact what is gauged is your goodwill and sanctified high stature aspirations and whenever anyone attains success or Sidhi it will be only on this basis as has been mentioned by Gurudeva during his entire life time.

Since now we have received instructions to unveil the Sidha aspect of Gurudeva we humbly dare to write the following lines. Those living in close proximity to him know for sure that despite possessing only 1 gross body, he executed tasks performed by 5 bodies. It is indeed a mystery as to how he carried out various tasks of 5 types simultaneously but those dwelling nearby know that in the life span of 80 years he lived a life akin to 800 years. Let us unfold how 5 tasks were carried out by 5 bodies. First he carried out meditation on Mother Gayatri for 6 hours apart from 8 hours of physical labor and 7 hours of mental labor (reflection, deep cogitation and writing). One can now understand how less he slept since out of 24 hours, 21 hours were utilized thus. This then is that wondrous Sidhi which although can be termed in any manner yet people near him know that those tasks commenced by him on getting up at 1 am in the morning would ceaselessly continue till 10 pm at night. All this is possible only after immense energy is gathered due to intense austerities performed.

The other task was to open, read and reply within 24 hours more than 1000 letters received daily by post from Gayatri Family members residing in various places. The answers to these letters were so compact and affectionate that the person reading it felt he got all answers regarding questions posted by him. One got the sense of oneness with ones father and affection too was showered. Even after settling in Haridwar, revered Gurudeva continued with this task but after 1972 through the medium of devotees and guidance of revered Mataji letters were received by members. It was Gurudeva who himself categorized these letters and decided how and in what way every letter was to be answered. Later he handed over this important task to HH Mataji and her aides. No doubt his subtle guidance yet exists. The foundation of this organization is his letters which he wrote to innumerable people and lovingly made everyone his very own.

The 3rd onerous task that he carried out till he shed his mortal coil was writing literature. He wrote so much that if his literature is weighed it would be double the weight of Gurudeva’s physical body. Regularly he read for 3 hours and for 4 hours he wrote for the magazine and penning books. Maybe he sometimes went hungry but never did he stop writing daily. Whatever he read for Swadhyaya or self study, whatever subtle knowledge was given to him by his divine existence, those priceless thoughts akin to potent Sanjivani (rejuvenating life) was penned down by him. One more thing to note is that after reading something he never kept any reference book with himself. He had an extraordinary razor sharp memory. He has given us so much literature authored by himself in the form of 2500 books, commentaries on Vedas etc, self written Prajna Purana and has written so much for 10 years henceforth that Akhand Jyoti will continue to get published ceaselessly and will remain lit eternally like a light house. The writings may be authored by anybody yet the thinking behind it is that of revered Gurudeva. In the form of a Bhagwad Geeta World Library he has designed a gigantic book which will be inspired to be written by his subtle-causal bodies and also 14 parts of Prajna Purana.

The 4th task was individual contact, teaching giving guidance and advice. It is alright if for a few moments he rested by immersing into Yogic sleep (Nidra) yet he kept meeting so many people throughout his lifetime apart from the last few years before he shed his mortal coil when he was immersed in rendering his psyche subtle (Sookshmikaran). He imbued life force or Prana in all those who contacted him, he augmented their will power and very affectionately and zealously gave guidance regarding daily living, spiritual practices and how to adapt the psyche when circumstances change externally. It is certainly not an overstatement to say that he is the emperor of the hearts of all volunteers.

The 5th task was to ceaselessly travel to look after the mission’s tasks and render positively active all volunteers and helpers. In the few preliminary years he resided in Gandhiji’s Sabarmati Ashram, Sevagram at Vardha and Pondicherry Ashram of Shri Aurobindo along with Rabindranath Tagore’s Shantiniketan. He went to Adyar too and virtually read all books in the library of Annie Besant in Varanasi. He would also travel to far regions where mission members were trying to render widespread various great tasks. While traveling he would continue writing and meditating. 15 days before he bid adieu in 1971 he traveled ceaselessly and in 1 day he would visit programs at 3-4 places. Not only would he fulfill them but that he would meet all those who contacted him so much with a sense of oneness that those people would think he is closest to them. In the years 1980-81-82 for laying foundation stones of various Shaktipeethas and invoking deities there he would complete 5 programs in one day with great success.

If tested minutely one cannot correlate that in so many hours or days how he could carry out such feats yet Lord Mahakal’s Divine Energy is so terrific that at a time he would be active in 5 places. This question was asked to Gurudeva by workers of the mission who traveled with him but since he had not got any direction to answer by his preceptor he only told us regarding tasks carried out by 5 bodies as has been mentioned in the above lines. And yet if members wish to hear and understand the Sidhi of this great realized saint they must read the following episode. In Madhya Pradesh (India) one mission volunteer continuously kept questioning revered Gurudeva as to how he was active in 5 different places simultaneously? In order to answer him and exhibit his Lilas or divine sports Gurudeva gave this volunteer a telephone number of Bilaspur and after asking for a trunk call ask over there as to what is going on? The answer was that Gurudeva’s program was organized there. He has just finished giving a discourse and is having food just now. This volunteer on hearing this felt the phone slipping out of his hand in astonishment and after prostrating full length at revered Gurudeva’s hallowed feet he said: Lord! I shall never doubt you henceforth.

Dear readers! What will you say regarding all this? Would you label this too as mesmerism and hypnotism? The divine sports of great saints and Gurus are mind boggling. While he was alive he carried out such stupendous feats and now after donning the subtle body post death Gurudeva will give more astounding experiences to all members.

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