Education is becoming very, very expensive.

Even worse, it is not actually teaching any viable job skills that the workplace wants.

As for most jobs you’re hired for; require on the job training and have nothing to do with the degree you have.

A good example is my friend, Mike. Mike got his degree in Geology.

After he graduated, do you know what his position was?

He became a software salesman. Selling software to small and large business.

This is why formal education is becoming less valuable. The only caveat to this is if the school has a great reputation that will get you somewhere, but then you’re just paying for the school’s brand and not the education.

Which is why self-study and building your very own classes is to the utmost importance in this day of age.

As the truth is, no one will educate you unless it directly benefits them. Big Education will only do it if they can sap cash or student loans out of you. Branded Education will only let you in if they think you are “worthy” or have a rich parent who can add a wing to the school. And Private Schools want your first-born child as payment while teaching information that is just not useful for work. While also not having the reputation to get you anywhere because hiring managers stigmatize it and refuse to acknowledge it as a legitimate source of education.

That is why self-education is more important as the most successful people I know, from millionaires, CEOs, and entrepreneurs are not “formally educated”, but instead self-studied by reading books that told them how to be successful and then going out and doing it in real life, not the academic world.

That is why today I am bringing you the META-LEARNING SERIES, which will teach you the set-up on how to learn any subject on your own by building a customized class that uses your learning-style and schedule.

Step #0: Make sure that a free class doesn’t already exist

For this step, research the internet or library to find out if someone already created a practical class for the subject you want to learn.

A good example of this is when I wanted to learn how to type. Instead of taking a paid class, buying a book, or even practicing; I researched the internet to find a free website that teaches you how to type; taking you from a beginner to an expert.

After finding this website (, I set my schedule of learning to an hour a day (2-3 lessons on the site) and practiced over and over. In just a few short weeks, I was typing like a computer hacker and increased my words per minute by 500%.

All because I did a little research before I moved forward.

If you’re interested in learning more about places to get free classes and education, here are 2 websites that have compiled 100’s of websites that may cover what you’re interested in knowing using class formats, videos, lectures, and even free e-books.

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STEP #1: How to Figure Out Your Learning Style.

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