Breasts come in different sizes and shapes. Since breasts are always associated with women, breast size can have a great impact in their lives. Thousands of women have a condition called macromastia, a condition where women have excessively huge or overdeveloped breasts. It is not always true that bigger is better because big breasted women are suffering from physical and psychological issues brought by the abnormal size of their breasts.

The physical impact of overdeveloped breasts

Overdeveloped breasts can have a negative impact on one's health and physical appearance. Breast size is one important factor that affects a woman's physical appearance. Breasts can make a woman's figure look beautiful but it can also make women look unattractive. If breasts are too big, they may appear disproportionate with a woman's overall frame which is not so flattering. With a huge breasts it can be difficult to find well-fitted clothes forcing big breasted women to wear ill-fitted or baggy clothes. Wearing clothes that don't fit makes well-endowed women look less gorgeous. Another negative effect of huge breasts is they make women look like flirts giving a wrong message to the opposite sex. Huge breasts easily sag and with sagging breast, a woman may look older than her age. The physical impact of overdeveloped breasts in women can make their lives miserable.

Aside from the physical appearance, breast size can also affect a woman's health. There are a number of health problems caused by overdeveloped breasts. The excessive weight of two huge breasts can result to sores and pains. Back ache, shoulder and neck pain are common complaints of well-endowed women. Skin rashes underneath the huge breasts is also a problem for big breasted women. Getting involved in sports or simple physical exercises like jogging or running is very difficult because the heavy breasts get into the way of living a physically active life. Overdeveloped breasts forced women to live a sedentary lifestyle which is really frustrating especially to women who want to be physically active.

The mental impact of overdeveloped breasts

A woman's breast size can affect not only their physical appearance but also their self-esteem and confidence. With the limitations brought by overdeveloped breasts, the self-esteem of well-endowed women deteriorates. With the wrong image attached to big breasted women, they often feel awkward and uncomfortable in social situations. They are often labelled as flirts and this can negatively affect their confidence. The unhappiness and the embarrassment from unwanted attention and teasing from people who look at big breasted women as merely sex objects or a subject of insensitive jokes and teasing make them feel worthless. The dissatisfaction with the way they look because of the limited choices they have when it comes to clothing styles makes them feel so unattractive and they become overly self-conscious. The psychological impact of overdeveloped breasts are sometimes too hard to bear that they end up being a loner, aloof with people and very depressed about their situation.

Breast size has a great impact on the physical and psychological well-being of women. Big breasted women are suffering from the abnormal size of their breasts but the good thing is that like any other problem, there are solutions to overdeveloped breasts.

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