As we go through our daily lives, we tend to forget to make a pause from all the clamors of circadian life. Why don’t we break off for a moment and contemplate just to unclog all those worldly stuff and breathe in some fresh air. We need that from time to time to make our lives more bearable to live.

Meditation is the clearing out of all those clutters of a daily life away from your mind, such as, your daily routine, appointments and chores. And, free your mind from worries, concerns, fears and all kinds of mental burden for an instant.

Release all life’s cargoes for a minute, contemplate and let in all the good energies into your system. For it is in untwisting and disentangling all life’s burdens that we feel relaxed, unwound and chill out.

Meditation is a mental activity of separating your spiritual essence from worldly tumult for a few seconds. It involves saying your prayers, reading the Bible, or just simply pondering, musing or reflecting. It is like doing the yoga.

Meditation refers to certain guidelines on self-practices, customs, and habit of focusing on nothing else except your own breathing and self-reflection. It promotes good thinking, tranquility and peacefulness with your inner-self and your soul.

Meditation has been the practice and part of some religious principles and culture depicting Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islamic, and Taoist traditions, beliefs, and customs.

Scholars have depicted and illustrated that the word “meditation” is similar to the word “contemplation” in Christian texts and doctrines. Some authors have even recommended the concept that the appearance of the ability for centered awareness, a constituent of various systems of meditation, may have influenced to the final stages of human biotic growth.

Today, meditation is a way of releasing all physical and mental stresses, strains, tensions, worries, anxieties, and traumas out from our physical bodies and mental state. It is already a way of life practiced, followed and observed by most people worldwide by all races, culture and religious beliefs.

Meditation was proven to provide healthful benefits to the human mind and body. It can reduce stress and anxiety. It can treat phobias and neurotic thinking. It can revive your confidence, ease depression and enhance focus and concentration.

Meditation amplifies drive, motivation and driving force, cure addiction, improves social and personal relations, enhance better sleeping patterns, and alleviate panic attacks on some people.

Modern concept and impression have already incorporated meditation as a part of therapy, healing and treatment for it has proven beneficial effects on the patient’s state of mind in carrying out health and rehabilitation programs.

More health providers are recommending meditation as a means to reduce blood pressure, enhance exercise benefits in patients with angina, support patients with asthma to improve easy breathing, alleviate insomnia and basically reduce stress.

Meditation is a secure and easiest means to balance out an individual’s physical and psychological state of mind.

The application of meditation for healing has been used for thousands of years as part of mental as well as physical awareness and for curative, therapeutic and restorative benefits.

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Rachel Ann writes for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master.

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