There are times when the media has a number of things that they focus on, and then there are others when this is not going to be the case. Instead, they can have one area that will take centre stage, so to speak.

Now, this is not to say that a paper or a news channel, for instance, will only talk about one thing; what it means is that more time will be spent talking about one thing than anything else. When it comes to why this will take place, it can depend on a number of different factors.

It Matters

The reason they are giving one thing far more attention than anything else could be because it is very important. This could be something that that will have a big effect on a large number of people, or it could be something that will soon affect a lot of people.

It is then going to be vital for people to stay up to date when it comes to what is taking place (or what will). There are then going to be plenty of other stories that will fade into the background during this period, and this is to be expected.

A Distraction

At the same time, this could be something that takes place in order to direct people’s attention away from something else. A number of people could be aware of what this is, or it could be a mystery to most people.

And through having the spotlight on something else, it can allow someone or a group of people to get away with something. This can then be seen as what the mainstream media do when they want to keep something out of the public eye.


One way of looking at this would be to say that this is similar to what a big brother might do to their younger brother. What they do is not for themselves, it is to look after their younger sibling.

It is then a selfless act and they are doing this out of the love that they have for them. However, if the media does something like this, there is a strong chance that they are doing it to protect themselves as opposed to them having the need to look out for the general public.

One Focus

Even so, one could say that this can’t be the case or the media wouldn’t expose what certain corporations do, for example. And while this is something that can’t be denied, the only thing it proves is that they don’t have the need to be loyal to everyone.

Therefore, if they expose some kind of corruption, it is likely to show that it won’t have a negative effect on them. It is then not that they want to inform the public; it is that it is in their best interests to share it.

Now and Then

What they share with the general public is then something that won’t have a negative effect on them and it may even allow them to fulfil a certain agenda. But this is not to say that the agenda they have won’t be shared by anyone else, as they are likely to be other figures and corporations that are behind them.

Thus, it could be said that the mainstream media doesn’t exist to inform people, they exist to fulfil the needs of the people behind the scenes. From the outside they look as though they only have one propose, but this is nothing more than a facade.

A New President

And when the mainstream media focuses on one thing more than anything else, it can be a sign that it is only a matter of time before a new president is elected. It is then going to be a challenge for one to be out of touch with what is taking place.

If they are, it could be due to them living in a cave, or on the edge of society, for instance. But even if they were living on the edge, they could still stay up to date by using the internet.


So some people, it won’t matter who is running for president as they won’t care; in their eyes, they could say that they are all the same. It then won’t matter who is in change as nothing will change.

On the other hand, there will be others who will vote for the same party as they always do, and it is then not going to be important what they stand for or what their policies are. Along with this, one could be drawn to one party due to the sex of their leader, amongst other things.


If one is loyal to one candidate, they can have the tendency to look for information that proves they are the best candidate and to block out anything that proves otherwise. One can then end up being blind to the facts and it won’t matter what they do or say, as they won’t change their mind.

It could then be said that one will have developed certain beliefs and these beliefs will define their behaviour. Their ability to think critically can then be out of action and this can mean that their thinking brain can also be offline.

Both Ways

Nevertheless, even if one doesn’t have a preference and they looked towards the mainstream media to inform them about each person, it doesn’t mean that they will get a balanced perspective. They may also find that he mainstream media is more concerned with digging up drama than with looking at what each person stands for.

But this is not to say that they will look at what each candidate has done in the past, as they might only do this with one candidate Through doing this, they can make one person look like a good option and another as someone who needs to be avoided.

In Control

This can then allow them to control who people will vote for, and this will show that they don’t want people to think for themselves. Through presenting stories that will cause people to experience an emotional reaction, they will be less likely to think.

If they were to focus on the facts and what each candidate would do if they were in power, there would be a greater chance that peoples thinking brain wouldn’t be out of action. They could then think critically and decide who would be right.

Why Do This?

It might be hard for one to understand why the mainstream media would have this approach, given how important this is. Yet if one was to find out who is behind the mainstream media, this is likely to soon change.

The people who own the mainstream media have vested interests, and so if the wrong person was to get in power, it would have a negative impact on what they want to achieve. Ergo, they don’t want to inform people, they simply want them to unknowingly go along with their hidden agenda.

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