No matter what one lays their eyes upon in the media, they are going to come across something that has been sexualised. And it won’t matter if what they are looking at has a reason to be that way or not, as it often doesn’t matter.

It is no longer a case of spot what has been sexualised, what is has become about is spot what hasn’t. But like anything that has been around for a certain amount of time, it starts to become normal.

And after a while, the mind can start to filter things out that are familiar. So what did stand out in the beginning, as its familiarity increases, it will be ignored and it can even end up being invincible as time passes.


This perfectly reflects what has taken place with sex in the media; as it’s so widespread now, it is easy to overlook it. From here, one can place their attention on something else that stands out as being not right or out of place.

There is naturally doing to be differing views in regards to the widespread use of sex in the media. For some it won’t be a problem, and for others it will be something that creates problems and therefore they will believe that it needs to change.


If one has children, it could different to someone who hasn’t. And this is to be expected, as children need a certain amount of protection and their exposure to certain things needs to be limited as they are still growing and developing.

Children are generally seen as being more pure and innocent than adults are, and this needs to be looked after. As they have minds that are like sponges and are still developing, it is vital that they are not influenced by anything that could harm then in the short term and as a long term consequence.

The Media

So one could be watching an advert that is selling some kind of food and they soon become aware of how sex has been used. Or it could be so subtle, that it goes on without one being aware of it. And while there is very little connection between the two, they have managed to seamlessly bind the two together.

Music videos are another common area where there are not only minor sexual influences, but influences that leave little to the imagination. And as these are so accessible to people of all ages, it is understandable that parents and authority figures are concerned.


In the past it would have been easier to limit how much exposure children had to the media, but now this is a lot harder. And one of the reasons for this is the internet and how accessible it has become.

One outlook could be that anything sexual should be banned from the media. But while this is highly unlikely to take place, it would also be a bit extreme. To see sex as something ‘bad and to repress this side of human nature, would be a sign of regression and no progression.

Self Definition

When someone is growing up, they are naturally going to look towards others for guidance in how they should behave. What is acceptable and what is not and what will lead to approval, will also be at the forefront of their mind.

So if people in music videos are behaving and dressing in a certain way and these videos are looked upon as what one should aspire to, then there is going to very little resistance. And one will then mimic what they have seen and make it part of who they are; regardless of whether it is functional or healthy.


And this is why education is so important; while so much of what one is exposed to has been sexualised, it is imperative that there is another source or voice out that that enables people to get a sense of perspective. To put sex in its rightful place and not as something that is allowed to completely consume one’s life.

This is going to be important for the younger generation, and yet adults are not immune from being influenced by the media. So while it is likely to be different kind of education for people that are younger than the people that are older, there could still be some parallels in what needs to be taught or realised.


One of the most obvious reasons as to why the media sexualises things is because ‘sex sells’. That is nothing new and it is something that most people would have thought about. This works on the pleasure/pain dynamic and allows one to elevate their mood through coming into contact with all that has been sexualised

Another thing it does is stop one from thinking. All the time ones awareness is in their body and not in their mind, their ability to think is greatly reduced. And when people don’t think, they are a lot easier to control and influence.


On one side then, there is the potential for one to feel good through coming into contact with things that have been sexualised. And on the other side there is the chance that one’s mental development will end up being stunted through constantly having their attention diverted away from their mind.

So sexualising things is a great way to distract people from what needs to be looked at in the world at large and one’s personal life. As well as giving children and people of all ages a dysfunctional way for them to define themselves and to feel valuable.

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Prolific writer, thought leader and coach, Oliver JR Cooper hails from the United Kingdom. His insightful commentary and analysis covers all aspects of human transformation; love, partnership, self-love, and inner awareness. With several hundred in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behavior, Oliver offers hope along with his sound advice. Current projects include "A Dialogue With The Heart" and "Communication Made Easy."