When it comes to understanding what is going on in the world, the media has generally been the source that one has looked to. This has been the case for many, many years. But this has very recently changed and this is primarily due to the fairly introduction of the internet.

In the past, the main sources were Papers, Radio and Television. And in the modern day world, although these options still exist; there are numerous others sources that can be found on the internet.

This has meant that a wider range of news is now available. One is no longer constrained by what the mainstream media says is occurring in the world. The option to come to one’s own conclusion about what is happening is now available.


However, while all these new sources are now available to give one a more balanced and objective opinion; it is not necessarily going to mean that everyone will then question what the media says about the world.

For many people, it has become a habit to listen and to believe all that the media says. To question or to disbelieve what is being said is something that is not always considered.

The Truth

After being exposed to the mainstream media from more or less the moment we are born and until the moment our times comes to an end; it is not much of a surprise that one can become completely consumed by what the media says.

One forms a relationship with the media and from this moment on; one then looks to this media to tell them what is going on. Complete trust is then bestowed upon the media. There is no question of if what they are saying has any truth to it or if there is another perspective.

The Agenda

The thought that the media could have a hidden agenda, is often the last thing that one is going to be thinking about when they hear the news. Besides, they are meant to be on our side aren’t they!?

For many years, all one had was what the media was saying about the world. But as a result of the internet, one now has many different views and opinions available. So it is no longer a case of there being one ‘truth’ available.

And yet, when it comes to what the media is saying about the world and how they position themselves, it would be hard to comprehend that they actually have an agenda.

The Betrayal

However, having an agenda is often part of being human and this is not essentially a negative thing. One can have an agenda and be open and transparent about it. At least then one can come to their own conclusion about it.

The challenge here is not that agenda exist; it is when an agenda is being hidden from people. And as the media has such power and influence over so many people’s lives and minds: there should be complete transparency.


It is often said that perception is reality. And it’s not always a case of one being able to simply observe what the media is selling as the truth and not be affected by it. Through taking in what is being said, two things are often taking place. Firstly, one is taking in what is being said and secondly, one is then creating different associations about the world.

The ego mind functions through associations. These then become what are classed as familiar and therefore safe. And once this happens, it will be what the mind expects to see in the world. It will actively look for what is has come to interpret as familiar.

And this will not matter if these associations are accurate, healthy, functional or beneficial. All that matters is that the mind interprets them as being familiar.

Critical Thinking

Now, this is not something that happens through viewing the mainstream media once; this is a process that has probably been going on for ones whole life. Due to the familiarity that one often has to the mainstream media, one is unlikely to have their critical filters up.

So what is being said often goes straight through any kind of critical analysis. And as what the media says is often designed to create an emotional reaction; this is not much of a surprise.

And while one is being overwhelmed with emotion, it enables the media to insert their view of reality into the deeper layers of one’s mind. This means that through this process, the ego mind is forming associations that will then go onto become perceptions.


Although at first something may have been what the mainstream media portrayed as the truth and nothing more; it then becomes what takes root in one’s mind. But once this has occurred, it is no longer an idea or a news story; it is how one sees reality.

And as this is what is going on within, it will then become what is going on without. The ego mind has become familiar with these associations and therefore feels safe. So this means that it will actively look for all that will validate these associations. If something goes against these, it will edit them out in some way.


We live in a time where there are so many sources available to choose from. And something that really matters here is ones mental and emotional wellbeing. These are things that need to be protected and looked after.

The mind can believe anything and this means that one has to be careful as to what goes into their mind. Even though it goes in easily, it is often hard to get out. So the importance of having a critical mind cannot be emphasised enough.

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My name is Oliver J R Cooper and I have been on a journey of self awareness for over nine years and for many years prior to that I had a natural curiosity.

For over two years, I have been writing articles. These cover psychology and communication. This has also lead to poetry.

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