There are, of course, a number of ways to find out about what is taking place in the world, and this is why it is no longer necessary to look towards the mainstream media. Someone can now find out about what is taking place by looking towards the alternative media.

Old Habits Die Hard

But even though one no longer needs to rely on the MSM, it doesn’t mean that they will change their behaviour. Yet, if they have looked towards this source of information for most of their life, it is not going to be much of a surprise.

And as far as they are concerned, this could be where they are going to hear about what is actually taking place. They might not even be aware of the alternative media and, if they are, it could be seen as something that is no better.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

One could believe that the only people who pay attention to the alternative media are the ones who are into conspiracy theories. These are then going to be the kind of people who will believe just about anything they are told.

They could also believe that these people have a meaningless life, and this is then why they are drawn to these kinds of things. What these people read about is going to fill their inner emptiness.

The Truth

So as one only pays attention to the MSM, they are not going to end up believing things that have very little basis in reality. Along with this, one could see themselves as being more level headed than these people.

Therefore, unlike these people, one will have a good understanding of what is taking place in the world. It is then highly unlikely that one will turn their back on this source of information.


However, to say that one is only interested in the truth might be an oversight, as they might only be interested in hearing about what matches up with their own outlook. The papers or websites that they go onto online are then going to give them exactly what they want.

Still, it could be said that it is part of human nature and that everyone on this planet has a mind that filters things out. Based on this, the people who are open minded are likely to be the ones who are aware of how their mind works.

Stepping Back

This doesn’t mean that they will always have an open mind but what it does mean is that they will have the ability to detach from what is taking place within them. Without this ability, one would be nothing more than a slave to their own mind.

If one did develop this ability, they might end up coming to the conclusion that the MSM is biased. In the past this wouldn’t have stood out as the information this source gave them would have generally been in alignment with their own views.

An Analogy

At one point in time they would have been convinced that what they heard was the truth, and this would have stopped them from taking a closer look. This is similar to how a child can believe everything their parent tells them.

As this is someone who is there to look after them, why would they feel the need to question what they tell them? The trouble is that parents, like the MSM, don’t always have their children’s best interests at heart.

Perfectly Clear

Now that they don’t just accept everything they hear, it will be easier for them to realise when they are being lied to. What is likely to play a part here is that one will look also look towards the alternative media.
This source of information will allow them to hear about things that they won’t hear from the MSM. Even so, this doesn’t mean that they will believe everything this source comes out with.

A Purpose

One of the reasons they have a brain is to think, and this not going to take place if they accept everything the alternative media tells them. If they were to behave in this way they might be more informed than the people who looks towards the MSM, but they are still going to be an easy target.

After one has become aware of how often the MSM lies and that it doesn’t exist to inform people, they might believe that this source of information didn’t used to be like this. Or if it was, it wasn’t as deceitful in the past.

No Evidence

One could remember some of the things that they have covered in the past and say that this shows how things have changed. The question is: has the MSM changed, or is it just easier to find out when they are lying?

If it wasn’t for the alternative media, for instance, there is a strong chance that they would still believe that the MSM is there to inform them about the world. Ultimately, the new information that is available is what has made the difference.


Perhaps the MSM is far worse than it used to be, and there is then all the more reason to question what this source of information comes out with. Through taking this approach, one might use more energy and it may even cause them to have a different outlook to the people in their life, but at least they will have a greater understanding of what is taking place in the world.

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