If someone was to read a newspaper or to watch a news station, they might keep a mental distance (psychological distance) from what they are exposed to. Said another way, they won’t let what they hear to go straight into their mind.

Through being this way, they will be able to take a deeper look into what is being said. Naturally, it will take more effort and energy for them to do this, but it will be a way for them to protect own their mind.

An important Ability

What this is going to illustrate is that one is sceptical, not someone who will just go along with what they are told. Perhaps they have been this way for as long as they can remember or maybe they developed this ability in their later life.

Nonetheless, having this ability doesn’t mean that they will never be fooled; after all, they are a fallible human being. Yet, although they will be fooled from time to time, this will be something that doesn’t take place as often as it would if they were not sceptical.

One Agenda

They might be only too aware of the fact that the mainstream media doesn’t exist to inform people about what is actually taking place in the world. Instead, it will be clear that this source exists to define how people see the world.

This source will have a narrative and the narrative that it creates will be presented as the absolute truth. So, thanks to their ability to question what they are told as opposed to swallowing it wholesale, this will be something that stands out.

Their Priority

They may be used to being around people that are radically different, with these people buying into the accepted narrative. One most likely won’t be concerned about what these people think of them as they will be more concerned with finding out about what is true and what isn’t.

There could be times when they share different ways of looking at something with these people, but when they do, it might soon be clear that this is a waste of time. Directing their energy into other pursuits is then going to be far more fruitful.

Another Source

What they may do, to get a more balanced view of what is taking place, is to look towards the alternative media. Once again, though, they may realise that it is important to question what they are exposed to.

It might be clear that some of the sources that are available have been created to deceive those that are not willing to be deceived by the mainstream media. They might see a number of these sources as being ‘false opposition’.

All bases Are Covered

Therefore, whoever it is that is in control of what the mainstream media does or doesn’t say will also be responsible for what some of the alternative media sources come out with. Undoubtedly, if the establishment hadn’t created their own opposition, it would have been a massive oversight.

One might see the mainstream media and the alternative media as being very similar to the left and right in politics - two sides controlled by the same hand. If they were not aware of this, they could have got out of one hole and fallen straight into another hole.

A Different Experience

Conversely, someone could read a newspaper or watch a news station and they could allow what they hear to go straight into their mind. Or if this doesn’t happen, it might only be because they are reading a paper that they don’t usually read or station that they don’t usually watch.

They are then not going to have the need to take a deeper look into what they are told and to see if there is any truth to it. That is unless, of course, what they have been told goes against what another mainstream source has told them.

No Effort Required

As a result of this, ones views will have basically been given to them by the mainstream media. What they think is good or bad, or right or wrong will depend on what this source has told them is good or bad, or right or wrong.

And even though they won’t have done their own research and come to their own conclusion, they might be happy to criticise anyone that has done their own research and come to their own conclusion. The mainstream media will have made out that there is only one way of looking at the world and they will have embodied this outlook.

Blind Trust

This source of information is then going to be like a parent and they will be like a child, meaning that they will go along with whatever they are told. The fact that this source might have a hidden agenda might not even enter their mind.

Like a parent, it can be as if this source has their best interest at heart, taking away their need to think for themselves. This external authority will take care of everything for them, thereby allowing them to focus on other things.

A Puppet

Maybe someone like this is intellectually undeveloped or maybe they just don’t like thinking, who knows. But what is crystal clear is that someone like this is not going to be a threat to the system.

Unknowingly, and like a sheep, they will be happy to go wherever they are directed to go. One way to describe someone like this would be to say that they are the perfect slave – someone who is totally oblivious to their servitude.


Controlling what information people are and are not exposed to can be seen as one of the many ways that the so-called few control the many. The people at the top take advantage of the blind trust that so many people put in the mainstream media and in recent years, the alternative media.

Lastly, if someone can see that they have the tendency to believe what they are told and rarely detach from what they hear, and they want this to change, it will be important for them to develop this ability. One thing that can allow them to develop this ability is meditation.

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