While the media covers many different areas of life, there are certain areas that are covered more than others. This can depend on what is taking place in the world at any given moment but at the same time, it doesn’t have to.

There will be certain things that are given exposure and it won’t matter what is taking place in the world. There may be the odd occasions where these areas are overshadowed for a short period of time, but this won’t be for long.

Point Of Focus

One might be only too aware of how the media generally focuses on certain things or it might not be something they have even considered. And if one has placed their attention on something for a long period time, one outcome is that they will no longer question what they see and will therefore, just accept it.

What this means, is that one has become a passive observe and is now longer actively engaged in what they are viewing. This is not to say that one is not emotionally affected by what they see, what it means is that one is not able to detach from what they are being exposed to.

A Smell

This is similar to how one can be aware of a new smell and then as time passes, this smell might no longer stand out. The same applies to the media; as a result of taking in what the media sells, one might no longer be aware of what they are focusing on.

One’s mind is then open to all that they see and this there is no way for them to protect themselves. No thought is then given to what the Medias agenda is or how one is being affected by what they are focusing on.

One Area

So, one thing that the media like to focus on is violence and this is not limited to any kind of violence. And as there is violence is the world, it is only right that it is included in their coverage.

If one only focused on what was right in the world, they would end up forming an inaccurate view of the world. And the same can be said when the media only focuses on what is wrong in the world.

When one only sees what is not working or people who are causing destruction, they can end up believing that this is how the world is. And as the mind can see everything as being either black or white, all that is right about the world and people who are making a difference can end up being overlooked.

Two Parts

On one side will be the violence that the media presents on and on the other side, will be the affect that this violence can have on people. Of course, human beings are not all the same and therefore not everyone is going to respond in the same way.

So this is not something that is black and white. However, if someone is constantly exposed to violence, it is going to affect them. It is not possible to just observe life; one is constantly being affected by it. This is why it is so important for one to pay attention to what they focus on and to ask themselves if what they are focusing on is having a positive effect on their life.


For when one is constantly exposed to violence, it is likely to become normal and how life is. And this is not bad per se; as violence is part of life and so, it is going to be seen as normal after a while.

The challenge is that when violence is seen as normal, there is the chance that one will no longer be affected by it. It is then not only seen as part of life, but one can even start to tolerate it.


And one can end up being indifferent towards violence when they are no longer affected by it and have come to accept it as part of life. If violence wasn’t destructive, this wouldn’t be a problem.

But just because violence is part of life, it doesn’t mean that one should just accept it and carry on with their life. For instance, one could come to see that pain is part of life and through accepting it; their life is likely to improve.

The Illusion

To accept that violence is a part of life and to no longer be affected it might make one’s life easier in the short term and appear to have no affect on the world around them, but this is nothing more than an illusion. If one is no longer affected by it they are going to be playing a part in its existence.

Change only takes place when people stand up against what is wrong is the world. When something is simply accepted as part of life, there is not much chance that anything will be done about it. Violence will then continue to spread and all because it is seen as normal.


To constantly be exposed to violence can cause someone to emotionally shut down and this is done as a form of protection. One then can be exposed to violence without feeling anything and while this stops them from feeling, it is not ideal.

Human beings are meant to feel and having empathy is part of this ability. So if one is out of touch with their own feelings and is therefore unable to experience empathy, there is the chance that other peoples suffering won’t affect them.


What this demonstrates then, is how important ones feelings are and how important it is to limit the amount of violence that one is exposed to.

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