In today’s world people don’t have to come to their own conclusions about what the world is like or what is true or what is not, as the media is there to do it for them. Now, if what the media presented was always accurate and there were no hidden agendas, this would be fine.

But the intention of the media is not always to educate people and inform them of what is actually taking place; it is to condition them and to make them behave in a certain way. This is why critical thinking is so important.

Critical Thinking

The trouble is people are rarely taught how to think critically and this means they are then wide open to what the different media sources present to them. Critical thinking is not encouraged by the media and one is not going to learn it by accepting everything they see, hear or read either.

So if one wants to learn how to think critically, they are generally going to have to take matters into their own hands. And while it is going to take time and effort, it will be worth it in the long run. It will allow one to protect their mind and to decide for themselves how they are going to perceive the world, amongst other things.


And one thing that the media gives a lot of attention to is what is attractive in men and women and what is not. This can be done directly and it can be done indirectly; with the consequences often being the same regardless of how it is done.

Here, a celebrity or a certain look can be the point of focus and although this is just one example of what is attractive, it ends up being portrayed as the only thing that is attractive. And while the look or appearance that is in fashion can change as time passes, there are some that stand the test of time.


One can then end up comparing themselves with these people and then see how they match up. If they look the same or have similar features, they can feel attractive and that they are desirable. But if they don’t, it could make them believe that they are therefore unattractive and are not desirable.

However, even if they do match up with what is currently classed as attractive, it won’t be long until they are made to feel that as though they are missing something. One is then going to have to change their appearance in some way if they still want to be classed as attractive.

Both Genders

Women are generally going to feel more pressure than man when it comes to being attractive and desirable. Men are not far behind though and are facing increasing pressure when it comes to looking a certain way.

Looking Different

So if one has a look that matches up with what is classed as attractive and desirable, they might be able to feel good for a short time. But this feeling might not last for very long because the ideal look will change before long.

When one doesn’t match up to the Medias image, no matter what look is in fashion, they are going to have a different experience. They might not experience the ups and downs of being seen as attractive one minute and unattractive the next, as they might end up feeling unattractive as a way of life.

Social Acceptance

There is the chance that someone will allow the media to define not only if they are attractive or not, but whether other people are attractive or not. One then gives their power away to an external source and only allows themselves to feel attractive if they match up with what is classed as attractive

And one could find they are attracted to people because they match up with the Medias ideal and not because they match up with their own ideal. So while they don’t match up with the kind of person they truly desire, they are lead to believe that there is a greater chance that other people will accept them.


It could be said that what the media defines as being attractive and desirable has an evolutionary basis. This includes the hip to waist ratio for women and looking youthful and broad shoulders and being a certain height for men, amongst other things.

The Ideal

On one side someone can have an idea about the kind of person that they find attractive and on the other side will be the kind of person they actually end up with. And very often, the person they end up with is going to be completely different.

Their personality might be the same as what they described, but their physical appearance is likely to be different. And as appearances are seen as being so important when it comes to whether someone is attractive or not, this might be hard to comprehend.

Emotion Needs

Through focusing on appearances alone, the media is overlooking how powerful peoples emotional needs are. Appearances may be enough to catch someone’s eye, but it doesn’t mean this person is capable of fulfilling their emotional needs.

When an emotional connection is formed, it is often irrelevant if the other person looks like the Medias idea of what is attractive. What matters is that one feels safe with the other person and that they enjoy their company.

Thinking Critically

The media always has an agenda and this means that one can’t simply allow themselves to switch off and accept everything they are fed. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether one matches up to what is classed as attractive; what matters is whether they are comfortable with themselves. This is what makes someone attractive and this is something that can’t be sold by the media.

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