The common assumption about the media is that they are simply informing people about what is going on in the country where they live or in the world at large. Here the media are simply observes of what is taking place and are then relaying it to the public.

As people are generally busy with their own life and commitments, the media is entrusted with this responsibility. So this means that a lot of trust is given to the mainstream media.

And this trust has taken many years to form. From the Medias inception, people gradually become reliant and even dependent on the media to tell them what was taking place in the places that they couldn’t see.

This was then passed on from one generation to another and enforced through societal conditioning. It is then normal to believe everything the media says and to simply see it as what’s taking place in the world.

Blind Trust

Trust is an important part of life and something that enables one to feel safe and secure. If it is not there it can lead to feeling vulnerable and unsafe. When this trust is given to people or organisations that deserve it, it is unlikely to lead to many problems.

But when it is given to organisations or people who don’t deserve it, it is inevitably going to lead to problems. One is giving their trust to something or someone based on habit and not because they have consciously thought about if it is benefitting their life or not.

And although a lot of trust is placed upon the mainstream media and has been done so for many years, do they really deserve this trust? When one trusts someone in their own life, it often takes place after they have been scrutinized.

To just trust without doing any kind of ground work would be crazy and it may even be dangerous. And when it comes to the mainstream media, it is generally unknown what their true motives are.

The Medias Motives

As I said above, the general assumption about the media is that they are there to inform and to protect the people. They are then seen as selfless protectors of humanity, doing their bit to shine the light on what’s wrong and to make things right in the world.

And yet this outlook is often betrayed by what the media gives its attention to. In life it is often said that there are two sides to every story. But when it comes to what the media gives their attention to, there is generally one truth.

How the media presents something or what the media gives coverage to, is the absolute truth. There is never the possibility of an alternative view or perspective.

Hidden Agenda

So if the media is presenting certain events and ignoring others, without accepting that there could be another way, it would appear that they have a hidden agenda. And that their intention is not to inform the public, but to control the public’s view of reality; to shape how they see life

It is then not important what happens. It could relate to terrorism or something to do with the economy, but what really matters is controlling people’s minds. The event or occurrence itself is always secondary.

The Mind

Things that are classed as good and things that are classed as bad have always taken place on this planet. We live in a world of duality, so there can’t be one thing without the other; something is only recognised as good through having something that is classed as bad.

The media tries to manipulate people into seeing the world in one way. And the ego mind sees in polarities; it is either black or white and there is no grey.

So what happens externally is irrelevant, what the media needs to do is get into people minds and change what is going on internally.


We all have our own personal reality and this is subjective. No one has the same reality. And how we see what’s going on externally is based on what is going on internally. So in order for the media to control people, they need to program people’s minds to interpret life in a certain way.

If people think for themselves they will always see that there is not one way of seeing anything, there are multiple ways. But through being conditioned by the media, one will naturally see life in the way that the media has programmed them to.

And through people focusing on the Medias version of reality, it will lead to their version of reality becoming more powerful and influential.


Based on the Medias manipulation of what the world is like, it is easy to come to absolute conclusions. This can relate to what people are like and what the world is like. Here the world could be seen as unsafe, people won’t be able to be trusted or they could be seen as dangerous.

So the media gives the impression that all people are a certain way and doesn’t look at both sides of life. If I said that everyone in the world is kind and loving, I would be seen as being deluded. And yet if I said that everyone is the world is dangerous, I would also be seen as being deluded.


This is what takes place through the media and It leads to people creating a dysfunctional and inaccurate view of reality. The average person doesn’t experience reality themselves; they experience it second hand and based on another person’s experience.

There are good deeds taking place on a daily basis and positive change is being carried out by people who will never been known in the public eye.

But if one focuses on what the media is saying about how ‘the word’ is, it will lead to one only seeing what they have been programmed to see.

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