In the past, one would have watched TV, listened to the radio or read a paper if they wanted to find out what was taking place in the world. Nowadays, this is no longer necessary, and this is because they can simply go online.

And, providing they have a Smartphone, they can do this no matter where they are or what they are doing. Therefore, it is far easier for one to stay up to date with what is taking place in the world.

No Excuses

There is than no reason for one to dedicate their life to what is taking place in order to stay up to date; they can just have a look from time to time. If they were then to come across someone who started to talk about what is going on in the world, there will be a strong chance that they will know what they are talking about.

But if one is out of touch with what is going on in the world, it could show that they are caught up in something else. Perhaps they are more concerned with what certain celebrities are doing.

A Number of Options

When one does go online, they will be able to find information from all the mainstream media news sources. They will each have their own website and they are also bound to have videos available.

Even so, this doesn’t mean that one will have to consume what the mainstream media is selling, as they can look towards the alternative media. And while there can be times when the information they provide will match up with the mainstream media, there will be times when it doesn’t.

The New Mainstream

In addition to the news sources that one will have heard of before, there are going to be others that they haven’t heard of. Or if they have, they may have only hard of them since they started going online to find out what is going on in the world.

One could then come to the conclusion that these sites represent the alternative media, but this could be an illusion. These sites could be nothing more than another arm of the mainstream media; with what they report being the same as what one would read about in a paper or see on TV, for instance.


If one was to talk about what these sites cover or to share their stories on social media, they may find that their ‘friends’ offer their support. This can be due to the fact that a lot of people go along with what the mainstream media sell.

It is often seen as the truth, and this is partly down to how long it has been around for. For so long, this was the only news source around and this meant that people didn’t have anything else to compare it with.

Alternative Media

Thus, as so many people have come to accept what they offer as the truth, it can be normal for one to be labelled in some way if they have different views. One could be described as ‘crazy’, or they might be seen as a conspiracy theorist, amongst other things.

These people can then believe that they are level-headed and that one has something wrong with them. As far as they are concerned, one might need to get their head tested.

The Only Function

Now, this is not to say that everyone one will read about via the alternative media will be truth; it is not going to be this black and white. However, there are going to be plenty of people who believe everything they present is false.

These people can experience a sense of comfort in going along with what the mainstream media provide; they can give them a sense of certainty in an uncertain world. And although this will fulfil their reptile brains need for security, it won’t allow their intellect to be engaged.

The Ideal Scenario

They can then be blissfully unaware of what is actually taking place in the world, and they will attack the people who are willing to take a deeper look. These people can then do what they can to keep their fellow human beings inline.

The people behind the scenes, so to speak, will then have less work to do, and this is going to make it a lot easier for them. What this emphasises is that it is not just the people at the top who do what they can to control people; this is something that people can try to do to the people around them.

The Same Stories

If one was to pay attention to the mainstream, they may find that they focus on a few stories at a time. Not only will these stories will be the point of focus, they can go over the same information again and again.

As a result of this, one could find that they start to get fed up with what they talk about; it will be as if a song is on repeat. At the same time, the fact that they hear about the same thing over and over again could cause them to accept it.


What was at one point in time just something they heard about from another source can then end up being seen as the truth. It can be the same as one putting food in their mouth and swallowing it.

They won’t take the time to see how it tastes or to chew it; it will go straight into their body. And when one hears something over and over again and comes to see it as the truth, they won’t have thought about it or taken a closer look.

The Mind

What this comes down to is that if something is repeated often enough and with the right conviction (although this is not always necessary) the mind will internalise it. This information will then define how they see the world and how they interpret what they hear about in the future.

And if someone was to question them and to ask them how they came to this conclusion, they could end up getting defensive. Ultimately, what they believe will be the result of what they have been told to believe, as opposed to what they have worked out for themselves.


There are going to be some people who are more suggestible than others, but this doesn’t mean that some people can’t be controlled by the mainstream media. When one doesn’t go along with what they sell they will use more energy, yet this will give them greater control of their own mind.

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