If one was to look into what was taking place in the news, there is a strong chance their inner experience would change. This is something that will take place regardless of whether they were to read something or if they were to watch something, for instance.

As a result, they could end up feeling better than they did before or they could end up worse than they did before. But based on what the mainstream media generally covers; it could be said that they will be more likely to feel worse.

General State

So if one finds that they are generally happy in life, they can find that their emotional state soon changes when they are exposed to the news. This could then mean that they do their best to avoid the mainstream media.

And while this is then going to mean that they won’t be exposed to something that could make them feel better than they do, they are unlikely to be too concerned. For one thing, the mainstream media mainly covers bad news, and this means that they will gain more than they lose.

Another Experience

However, if one is in a position where they generally feel unhappy, they may find that the mainstream media doesn’t have the same effect on them. In this case, it might not matter whether they are exposed it, as they won’t feel much different.

Through feeling down in life, they could find that they spend a lot of their time watching or reading the news. In fact, through being exposed to so much negativity, it could cause them to feel as though their life isn’t too bad.

A New Focus

Through being exposed to these sources of information, one may find it then gives them something else to focus on, and this then allows them to avoid their own life. Thus, if they were unable to find out what is taking place in the mainstream media, they may start to experience withdrawal symptoms.

It could then be said that they are not going to be too concerned as to whether what they are being exposed to is the truth or whether they are being control by the information they are absorbing. In their eyes, it could be all about being entertained, and this could then mean that the more disturbing the news is, the better it is.


If one was in a position where they realised how negative the news is and they were to point this out to someone, they may be told that that’s just how the world is today. Based on this, the mainstream media is not negative; it is simply passing on what is taking place in the world.

Another way of looking at this would be to say that they don’t have a hidden agenda; they are just presenting the truth. Upon hearing this, one could accept what they hear and then carry on with the rest of their life.

The Reason

If this was to take place, it could mean that they look up to the person who believes that the mainstream media is only there to inform people. Along with this, they could also be someone who doesn’t take the time to think for themselves.

Yet although one could be told that the mainstream media doesn’t have a hidden agenda, it doesn’t mean that they will accept what they hear. They could decide to take a deeper look into what is going on.


But without even looking into what their agenda may be, one could see that the mainstream media has an incredible amount of power of people. Even though some people will question what they see and others will turn their back on it entirely and look towards the alternative media to find out what is taking place, there are going to be plenty of people who accept everything they hear.

As a result of this, their outlook is not going to be defined by their own experience; it will be defined by what someone else tells them. Therefore, the mainstream media will have a big effect on how they feel.

The Purpose

However, as the mainstream media focuses on some things and ignores other things, it would be naive to believe that they don’t care about how people feel. It could be said that they want people to have a certain emotional experience, and this is something they can achieve through focusing on certain events and ignoring others.

For if one feels a certain way, it is then going to cause them to have a certain outlook and it will then be normal for them to behave in a certain way, and it is one’s behaviour that will allow the media to achieve a certain outcome. When one’s behaviour is defined by the mainstream media, they are going to be nothing more than a puppet.


When one is exposed to the mainstream media, there is a strong chance that they will end up experiencing fear. As a result of this, it can stop them from being able to see the bigger picture and this then means that their attention can end up being consumed by one thing.

For example, the mainstream media could talk about how dangerous a group of people are and how a certain action needs to be taken. And through experiencing fear, one can lose the ability to see clearly, and they can then go along with the solution that is provided.


One can then end up with what could be described as tunnel vision, and they are not going to be able to see what else is taking place. Along with this, they are not going to be able to think about what consequences may arise through taking the approach that is being supported.

But regardless of why one is experiencing fear, it is going to stop them from being able to function as a whole human being. Their attention is being consumed by what the mainstream media wants it to be consumed by and they are going to find it difficult to have a balanced perspective.


So what this shows is how important it is for one to make sure that the mainstream media is not in control of how they feel. If they find that they can’t think properly, it will be a good idea for them to take a step back from what they are being exposed to.

Through doing this, it will give them the chance to re-centre themselves and to gain a more balanced perspective. This will then give them the chance to make better decisions in life and it can then lead to better consequences.

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