When one has the need to find out about what is taking place in the world, there is going to be no reason for them to miss out. This comes down to the fact that the mainstream media is there to inform them.

As a result of this, the only way they would miss out is if this was something that they chose to do, or if they were in the middle of nowhere. Through being away from the rest of civilisation, they won’t be any papers available or a TV, for instance.

The Modern Day World

However, if one has a Smartphone, it might not matter where they are on this planet. This device will give them the ability to stay up to date with what is taking place in the world, and this is going to make their life a lot easier.

It could be said that this invention has give people the opportunity to be more informed than their ancestors ever were. The information is there, one just has to have the desire to look through it.

One Option

In addition to being able to browse the web for information, one can also go onto a social media site. This can be a time where they will see what is going on in the world through looking over what is ‘trending’.

Yet this is not the only option, as one can ‘like’ and ‘follow’ different news sources, and what these sources share will show up on their News Feed. Taking this approach will save them a lot of time and energy.

One Thing after Another

When one looks into what is taking place, they may find that the media doesn’t always focus on the same things. What is being covered could end up changing after a few days have passed.

Or, they could cover the same story for quite some time, and this could be a sign that it relates to something important. Nevertheless, if this is being spoken about in the news, one could believe that it must be important.

Hooked In

But regardless of whether the media covers something for a day or for a number of weeks, one’s attention could be absorbed by it. This could even be something that gives their life meaning.

There may also be times when one is not willing to go along with what is being presented, and this may cause them to question what they see. Still, this is not to say that one will turn their back on the mainstream media is this was to occur.

Part of Life

If one was to do this, they might experience a sense of emptiness, and it could even cause them to feel unconformable. The emptiness can arise as a result of them losing something that was part of their life, and the discomfort can be due to them thinking that they don’t know what is happening.

What would take place within them if they were to step away can then be what causes them to follow the mainstream media. Therefore, it won’t matter whether they are being told the truth or not, as that is not going to be their priority.

The Missing Brain

The brain that gives them the ability to think and to question what they hear is then going to be pushed to one side. Their reptile brain, the part of them that is focused on their survival, is then going to be in control.

Yet, even though the mainstream media can give their survival brain a sense of certainty when it comes to what is taking place and allow them to settle down, it doesn’t mean that this part of them isn’t being deceived. This is similar to one being sold something on a street corner after being told that they are getting a great deal.

An illusion

One can then walk away feeling good about themselves, even though there is a strong chance that they have been ripped off. But unless one is able to come to their senses, they are unlikely to realise this.

And if their friends were to say something, it might not even be possible for them to listen to what their friends have to say about it, and this is because their mind could be closed. How one can respond in this context can be the same way that they would respond is someone told them that the mainstream media can’t be trusted.


Based on how they respond, it could be as if someone has said something bad about one of their family members, for instance. It then won’t matter that one has no connection to what they are criticising, other than the fact that they consume what they sell.

To receive this kind of response can be frustrating, but it could be said that the mainstream media are not going to have a problem with it. Without know it, one will be the perfect mind controlled slave.

Focused On the Trees

And not only can one be absorbed in what they have to sell; they can also be in a position here they are unable to see the big picture. What is taking place in the world can be presented by the media as happening randomly, and as though there is no grand plan.

It can then be easy for one to become so consumed by the trees, that they are unable to step back and see the forest. One can then end up always being one step behind and they won’t be able to do anything until it is too late.


While it can appear as though the mainstream media is simply presenting what is taking place in the world and that they are oblivious as to what is going to happen next, this is far from the truth. It might be more accurate to say that they decide what to focus on and what they focus on is part of plan that most people will only become aware of when it comes to pass.

This highlights how important it is for one to not get too caught up in what the mainstream media is selling and to think about what they are not saying. And to think about what they are trying to achieve by focusing on one thing as opposed to something else.

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