If was to come across two people, and they were to ask them how they find about what is taking place in the world, they might end up receiving two answers. On one hand, one of them could say that they read a paper and/or watch the news, and on the other hand, the other could say that they pay attention to the ‘alternative’ media.


One way of looking at this would be to say that it is to be expected that one would come into contact with someone who pays attention to the mainstream media. This comes down to the fact that this is what most people do.

Since the moment they were born, there is as strong chance that this is what they would have been exposed to. It is then what they are familiar with, and there is then going to be no need for them to find another source of information.


Whereas when it comes to the other person, one could be surprised that they pay attention to another source of information. The reason for this is that this is an approach that is not very common.

What this will show is that somewhere down the line, they would have taken a step back from the mainstream media. Thus, even though they were familiar with this source of information, they still had the ability to question what was being said.


When someone pays attention to the mainstream media, they may also say that they have the ability to think for themselves, and how they are getting the real news as opposed to the news that is being made up by the ‘alternative’ media. Based on this, there is going to be no reason for them to take a step back.

The other person could then say that this shows how caught up they are, and that they are being taken advantage of by the mainstream media. Yet this is not to say that they would be surprised to hear what the other person has said, as it could be something they have heard on a number of occasions.


Still, this is not to say that everyone who pays attention to the media would have this outlook, as there are going to be people who will have a difference response. They could say that they don’t believe what they read or hear, and this could mean that they would be only too happy to find another source of information.

But when this isn’t the case, it is likely to be a sign that one believes just about everything they come across, and it is then not possible for them to realise that they are being controlled. They could believe that the media exists to inform people, and if they were to try another approach, they would end up being uniformed about the world.


Therefore, there is going to be no reason for them to look into what is taking place in the ‘alternative’ media. And while they might have taken the time to see what this source of information has to say, they might not have got this far.

Along with this, the people around them may also have said that the ‘alterative’ media can’t be trusted, and this could also be something that the mainstream media has said in one way or another. Through hearing this, one could believe that this proves they are paying attention to the right source of information.

Two Reasons

However, the only thing this will show is that they are surrounded by people who are also being controlled by the media, and that the media is doing everything they can to stop people from realising what is taking place. And as the mainstream media has been in control for so long, they are not going to want that to change.

Therefore, will one continue to be conditioned by the mainstream media, and this will allow the people behind the scenes to fulfil their agenda. The only way for them to do this is to keep it hidden, and this is why it is so important for them to keep people distracted.


This can take place through giving people the wrong information, and this means that it will stop them from finding out about what is actually taking place. Another way this takes place is by directing their attention towards things that will keep them occupied.

One of the primary ways this happens is through giving a lot of exposure to celebrities. Through doing this, it is not necessary for the media to give people a rough idea of what is happening or to give them real news.

Inner Unrest

But keeping people in a state of ignorance is not enough; the media also likes to make it hard for them to function. One way this take place is through keeping people in state of fear and anxiety.

This then makes it harder for them to think properly, and they will be easier to control. In fact, one could be so used to experiencing life in this way, that they might not even notice it.


What will also make it hard for people to think clearly is when they are consumed with guilt, and this will also make it easier for them to be taken advantage of. The media can cause people to feel guilty through talking about what their ancestors did or how they are ‘privileged’ in some way, for instance.

And while the kinds of things they talk about can sound right, this doesn’t mean that this is actually the case. However, as people are generally uninformed about what is taking place in the world and history itself, they might not even realise this.


What this shows is that if one feels guilty after being exposed to the mainstream media, it will be important for them to take a step back. While there is the chance that this is the sign that they are doing something wrong, there is also a greater chance that they aren’t.

When one can think clearly and they are informed about what is taking place in the world, they will be a lot harder to control. So just like one is careful when it comes to what they put in their mouth; it will also be important for them to be careful when it comes to what they allow into their mind.

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