If someone needs food, they are generally going to go shopping; with this being somewhere where they will be able to get everything they need. In the same way, they can also look towards the mainstream media if they want to find out about what is taking place in the world.

It Just Happens

Thus, if the same way that one could walk or drive to a shop in order to get food; they could simply turn on a TV on or read a paper to find out about what is going on around them. And if they have done this for most of their life, it is likely to take place without them needing to spend a lot of thinking about what they are going to do.

The desire to eat something or the need to be informed about something could arise, and they could then end up taking action. There could also be moments when one is not even aware of this process and it could seem as though someone else is in control of them.

Conserving Energy

Yet, as responding in this way is going to be the best way for them to get food and to be informed; there is no reason for them to change their behaviour. After all, this is what the mind does to save energy.

The energy that is saved through responding in this way can then be used in other ways. For example, if one was to spend a few minutes thinking about what to do whenever they need to do something like this it could easily obstruct the rest of their life.

The Internet

In recent years, it has become even easier for people to get the food they need and to be informed about the world. This is down to the fact that one can have food delivered to their door and follow the mainstream media by going online.

Ergo, if one has a Smartphone, it is going to give them far more control than they would have had in the past. They can order the food they need online and it will soon end up being brought to their door.

The News

When it comes to finding out about the news, they will only need to go to a search engine or to go directly to their favourite news sources. Alternatively, they could just go onto their social media account.

Through ‘Liking’ different news sources on social media, their News Feed will keep them up to date. As a result of this, one can stay up to date with their ‘friends’ and the world by using social media.

Better Off

Based on this, it could be said that there is no reason why someone should be in a position where they don’t have a good understanding of the world. But if they are, it is going to come down to their desire to be this way.

This will then be similar to one having the chance to use a gym for free, but choosing not to use it. Their ancestors could only dream of having this much information available; the option just wasn’t there.

A Choice

It could then be said that it will come down to whether one has the desire to put their own life to one side from time to time and to look into what is going on around them. If they are only interested in the former, it is not going to matter what kinds of technology is at their fingertips.

However, if they are interested in what is going on around them, there will be no shortage of information. This will then give them the ability to see what is actually taking place in the world and to make better decision in their own life.

Alternative Media

And along with what one can hear about from the mainstream media, they also have the opportunity to hear other points of view. It is then not going to be necessary for them to go along with what the mainstreams tells them.

Through having so many sources to choose from, one can come to their own conclusions about what is true and what isn’t. Clearly this will take more work, but will be a way for them to have greater control over their own mind.

The Priority

In addition to this, it will be vital for them to be able to put their need to fit in to one side. As if they are unable to do this, they might even bother looking into other news sources, and it will then be normal for them to go along with what the mainstream media sells them.

The reason for this is that if they were to talk about what they hear from other sources, it could set them up to be criticised by others. Their need to think for themselves and not to accept what they are told is likely to be met with resistance.

One Purpose

Therefore, although one is only doing what they can to find out what is actually taking place in the world, it can be as if they are doing something inherently wrong. The people around them are then going to overlook this fact and respond to them in a negative manner.

At this point, one could turn their back on thei search for the truth and go back to listening to the mainstream media. This will stop them from being able to think for themselves, but it will make it a lot easier for them to be accepted by others.

A Deeper Understanding

The people behind the mainstream media are only too aware of how human nature works, and this is why they have so much control over people. As the need to belong and to fit in is so strong in most people, they are likely to realise that a lot of people won’t even question what they are told, or share their views if they are different.

They are then not going to be worried if someone does go against the grain, as the people who they have indoctrinated will soon try to silence them. Without knowing it, these people will be doing everything they can to make sure that the mainstream media continues to control them.


What this shows is that it takes a lot of inner strength for someone to put their need to fit in to one side and to follow their desire to find the truth. This is not to say that it will be them against the world; what it comes down to is that the majority of people are likely to have a different priority.

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