Nowadays, there are so many different media sources, and so many of these sources come out with the same thing. There have even been videos made where different newsreaders from different news stations are saying exactly the same thing.

After watching a video like this, it will be perfectly rational for someone to think that the ‘talking heads’ on TV are not only told what to say, they are also told what to say by the same source. It is then as though so many newsreaders are empty vessels with no intelligence of their own, that are plugged into a form of intelligence that expresses itself through them.

One Way

With that aside, due to the fact that so many sources come out with the same thing, it would be normal to assume that this means that these sources are simply presenting what is actually taking place; nothing more, nothing less. After all, why would this source of information want to deceive people or to control how they see the world?

What also adds weight to the view that this source can be trusted is that a number of mainstream news sources are funded by the citizenry. Therefore, as they are paying for these sources, they must be on their side.

An Analogy

If the mainstream media is not there to serve them, it would be very similar to someone having an accountant that is not actually there to help them. Instead of this person taking care of their accounts and keeping them out of trouble, they will be causing them all kinds of problems.

But, as one won’t be aware of this, they will continue to trust this person and won’t look into what they are doing. In the short term, they will be getting deceived and, in the long term, they could end up in a very bad way.

Repetition Is the Key

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether or not what the mainstream comes out with is true or not; what matters is making people believe that it is true. And perhaps the best way to do this is to simply repeat the same thing over and over again.

After someone has heard the same thing again and again, they can just end up believing it. The sources that they trust to inform them will have been telling them the same thing, so that can be enough to make them accept something as the truth.

A Helping Hand

What can also help with this process is for these sources to get ’experts’ to parrot the same thing. From a very young age, one will have most likely been conditioned to look up to authority, making it easier for people like this to put ideas into their mind without them questioning what they say.

Having an expert say something, then, will add even more weight to what they are coming to accept via repetition. There could soon come a point in time when if another person was to question that they have blindly accepted, they would get extremely defensive.

Easier Than Ever Before

Before Smartphone’s were in existence, the mainstream media could get into people’s minds and shape how they perceive the world via the radio, TV and newspapers. Now, they can connect to them directly through their Smartphone.

From the moment one wakes up, to the moment that they go to sleep, they can stay up to date on what is going on in the world. Perhaps, there has never been a point in time when it has been easier to condition someone.

Hooked In

Furthermore, while a paper can be put down and a TV can be turned off, someone can have their Smartphone on them at all times. It may even be a challenge for them to put it down for a few minutes.

Also, it won’t matter if they don’t follow any news sources as they may spend a fair amount of time on social media, with these being platforms that generally promote the ‘official story’. If anything is shared on there that goes against this narrative, it can end up being labelled as ‘fake news’.

An Example

If one wants to gain a deeper understanding of how powerful repetition can be when it comes to believing something, they might only need to look back on what they heard when they were younger. Maybe a family member told them something throughout this period of time and what they were told ended up being seen as the truth by them.

If this was something positive it might not be a problem, but if it wasn’t, what they were told many years ago could still be undermining them. What they were told would have been a lie but as they heard it so many times, it would have been accepted as the absolute truth.

The Difference

The message that they received over and over again as a child may stop them from feeling good about themselves and hold them back. This would have been a time when their brain wasn’t developed enough to question what they were being told.

When it comes to what they have swallowed from the mainstream media, this might cause them to experience a lot of fear and anxiety, thereby stopping them from being able to experience inner peace. Unlike their childhood years, they will be able to think critically; however, this source of information will have many tricks to bypass their critical faculties and to go straight into their emotional brain.


Taking all this into account, it shows how important it is be sceptical when it comes what the mainstream media comes out with. When one hears about something, they could take a step back and reflect on why they are hearing about it.

Another thing that one could think about is whether or not being plugged into this source of information is a good idea. They may find that cutting down on the mainstream media has a positive effect on their wellbeing.

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