A number of years ago, the mainstream media, along with other sources, came out and said that ‘fake news’ was a problem. One way of looking at this would be to say that this was something that was said after certain things didn’t go as this source, and those behind the scenes, wanted.

Thus, it was not that this source was actually concerned that people would be misinformed; it was concerned that they would have the wrong information. A few of their agendas didn’t come to fruition and this wasn’t acceptable.

The Perfect Example

After this took place, it was said that this source had accused others of that which they are. In other words, this source is the king of fake news and they made out that other sources were the problem.

This is basically the equivalent of one person accusing another person of being a liar, when they themselves are a compulsive liar. In the world of psychology, this is something that is known as ‘projection’.

One Reason

One way of looking at this would be to say that they were aware of what they were doing; it wasn’t something that took place by accident. Nonetheless, this was something that they had to do to protect their own image and to stay relevant.

This is then very similar to how someone can use slander to try to destroy another person’s image, even though they themselves are the ones who have done something wrong. There is a popular psychological term for people like this, with there being many videos about them online.

Another Reason

Another way of looking at this would be to say that this source as a whole was not aware of how hypocritical they were being. Collectively, the insight that was needed wouldn’t have been there and this would have prevented them from being able to own their own projections (to look in the mirror).

If this was the real reason, it could be said that it is not much of a surprise. After all, in order to work in the mainstream media, one of the qualities that are probably not high on the list is the ability to self-reflect.

What Matters

Perhaps the most important trait, when it comes to working for this source, is simply the ability to repeat what has been said. The ability to think critically, on the other hand, surely has to be one of the lowest traits on the list.

If someone did have this ability, they would most likely need to put it to one side and to merely go along with what they are told to say. Ultimately, it will pay for someone to not have their own mind.

Shining the Light

What has helped to expose the lies that this source comes out with is the alternative media. Still, this doesn’t mean that this source of information only expresses what is actually going in the world.

One saying that comes to mind here is, ‘the best way to control the opposition is to create it’. This reflects the view that the people that are behind the mainstream media are also behind a lot of the alternative media.

Holes Everywhere

With this in mind, someone can be deceived by what the mainstream media, and, if they were to turn their back on this source, they can be deceived by the alternative media. Therefore, it is not about ignoring one source and going along with what the other source says.

If this does take place, and the sources that they pay attention to are ‘false opposition’, they are not going to be as informed as they think they are. What they know will be different from what a lot of other people know, but it won’t be any more accurate.

Perception Is Reality

Now, when it comes to the mainstream media, it can be easy for someone to believe that this source has all the power. When it comes to why they would come to this conclusion, they could think about how this source shapes what so many people believe and how they behave.

This is because what this source feeds into these people’s mind ends up defining how they perceive reality. Someone like this won’t be plugged into a machine and having software downloaded into their being, but they may as well be.

Stepping Away

However, while it would be easy to see this source as the perpetrator and many of the people who view it as victims, it is not this black and white. Undoubtedly, if everyone stopped paying attention to it, it wouldn’t have any power whatsoever.

If this was to take place, it would mean that more people will have taken their power back and not allowed themselves to be victimised by this source. They would realise that while they were being taken advantage of by this source before, it could only take place while they were giving them the permission to do so.

The Key Element

They will have only been able to change through becoming aware of what was going on and they will have only been taken advantage of as they were not aware of what was going on. This is why so much is done to keep as many people as possible asleep and divided.

What this illustrates is that the media, and any other source out there that has a nefarious agenda, can only function as long as a certain amount of people are not aware of what is going on. Additionally, by having so many people resonate or vibrate at a certain frequency, it will help to sustain the ‘bad’ that is ‘out there’ and allow it to exist.


For the world to truly change, it is imperative that more and more people wake up to the part that they are playing in what is going on. This is not about someone blaming or shaming themselves, or others, though; it is simply about them looking into how their inner world is impacting their outer world and what is going on collectively.

This will involve becoming aware of what is taking place in both their conscious and unconscious mind. Going within and facing inner wounds is not easy; it is far easier to focus on what is going on ‘out there’ and to try to change the world.

The reason for this is that focusing on what is going on externally can allow someone to feel energised and allow them to receive a fair amount of approval. Going within, on the other hand, will be painful and it is unlikely to allow them to receive a lot of positive feedback.

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