If one was to talk about the world, there is a strong chance that the mainstream media will have played a part in what they have to say. And this could be a time where one will talk about what is currently taking place in their own country, as well as what it is like in other countries.

The Truth

This is likely to be information that they have picked up through reading the paper, watching TV and listening to the radio. Throughout their life, they may have spent a lot of time absorbing information from these different sources.

The amount of time they will have spent can all depend on how old they are, and on how often they pay attention to the media. Along with this, one could be in a position where they are happy to believe everything they are told.

Straight In

In this case, they will accept everything they come across, and it is not going to matter whether they are being told the truth. It is then going to be similar to a child who is told to eat something; it won’t matter if they like it or not, or it it’s good for them.

They will eat it because one of their caregivers has told them to eat it, and this comes down to the fact that they can trust them. Now, it could be said that there would be no reason for ones caregivers to lie to them, and the same goes for the mainstream media.

The Ideal

But even though a caregiver is meant to look after their child, this doesn’t mean that this always takes place. For example, there are some children who are abused by caregivers/s, and this shows that they haven’t always got their best intentions in mind.

And while one may believe that the media is there to inform them, this doesn’t mean that this is always the case. What his comes down to is that the media has their own agenda, and if one finds out about something, there is good chance that it is because they want them to.

Half and Half

However, even if one only accepted some of the things that they hear, they can still be caught up in what the people behind the scenes want them to focus on. Thus, one can have absolutely no idea when it comes to what is actually taking place.

On one hand, one could accept certain things and then reject others, and on the other hand, they could be drawn to certain sources. When this happens, one could believe that the paper they read or the station they watch, for instance, shares the truth.


But regardless of what approach one has, they are going to be in a position where their mind is full of false information. Yet all the time they consume what is being provided, there is not much chance that they will realise this.

It could be said that this is not the truth, as if one was to come across the right information they would soon change their outlook. In theory, this can sound right, but in reality, this is unlikely to take place.

Holding On

When one believes something, it can stop them from being able to experiencing anything that goes against it. And if they were to come across something that goes against what they believe, they could end up ignoring it.

Also, one could end up attacking the people who have a different outlook, and say that they are the ones who are wrong. If this was to take place, it would show that they are more concerned with being right than finding out the truth.

The Perfect Scenario

But in the eyes of the mainstream media, this will be seen as the perfect scenario, and this will also make their job a lot easier. This is because one will be the perfect slave, on one side, and on the other side, they will keep other people in line.

There is then less reason for the media to criticise other sources of information, as the people who consume what they provide will do it for them. One way to look at this is to imagine sheep rounding themselves up as opposed to this being something that takes place with a sheep dog.


This is not to say that every person they come across will get in line, as there will be people who will stand their ground. These are likely to be people who are able think for themselves.

At the same time, there will be plenty of people who won’t take this approach, and they will end up going along with what the mainstream tells them. When this takes place, their need to belong could be what stops them from being able to come to their own conclusions.

World View

So what this all comes down to - when one only pays attention to the mainstream media - is that they will have an false idea of what is taking place in the world. What they consume is going to have an impact on what they do and on the kinds of conversations they have with others.

If they were to hear about something that they feel passionate about, they could even go one step further and write their own blog or go on a demonstration, for instance. In their mind, they will believe that they are doing the right thing; however, if it relates to something the media has made up in order to control or detract people, they will doing more harm than good.


However, unless one is able to stand back and to question what they hear, they will continue to be taken advantage of. Without realising it, they will be working for the mainstream media, and this will be something that takes place without one needing to be paid to do it.

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