Now that the presidential election is over, it can’t be denied that some people’s emotions have been running high. In some cases, what has taken place is seen as the worst possible outcome, and for others, it is something they have dreamed about for a quiet some time.

Along with this, there are likely to be others who are not affected by what has taken place. This can show that they didn’t follow what was taking place and, now that it is over, their life is not going to be any different.

The Fallout

But if it is, it could be down to what the people around them are going through. If one was to go into work, for instance, they could come into contact with people who have been affected by the result.

At the same time, they could simply go onto social media and see that a number of their ‘friends’ have plenty to say about it all. Still, while one will be able to get away from social media if they want to take a break from it all; they won’t be able to do this when they are at work.

A Suggestion

What they could do is ask the people around them if they could keep their views to themselves, whilst they are in this environment. This would then allow them to talk about something else.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that someone’s mood will change, as what they are going through could stand out like sore thumb. And if they serve customers, these people could talk about what has taken place.

Therefore, unless one takes a step back from it all and goes somewhere where they won’t be disturbed, it is going to be difficult for them to get away from it all. This could be hard for them to do, and what might be even harder could be for them to stay away from social media altogether.

If this was to happen, their friends and/or family might begin to wonder what is going on. They might even assume that the result of the presidential election has had a negative effect on them.

Easier to Handle

But if one had the option of being around people who wanted Hillary to win or those who wanted Trump to win, they might prefer to go with the second option. This is not necessarily going to be because they would have voted for him; it can be due to the mood they are likely to be in.

These people can feel energised by the result, or at the very least they are unlikely to be full of doom and gloom. On the other hand, it is not going to be a surprise to meet a Hillary supporter who is feels completely deflated.

Hard To Believe

If one was to ask them why they feel this way, they could talk about how they expected Hillary to win. They might even say that they thought that America would have a female president for the first time in its history.

This could be an outcome that they had thought about since Hillary announced that she would was running for president early last year. Based on this, they would have had over a year a half to think about it.

Positive Feedback

In addition to what has been taking place in their own mind, there would also have been what they heard about from the mainstream media. This source of information said that it was highly unlikely that Trump would win.

They did this through not only talking about why this wouldn’t; it also occurred through the different polls that they had conducted. And as this source is simply there to inform people, there would have been no reason for them to ignore what they were told.

Up and Then Down

Thus, the signs were all there that Hillary would win and, out nowhere, Trump ended up winning the election. At one stage, one was looking forward to what was going to happen, and at another, they could have been in shock.

A sense of loss can then arise, and this can be more to do with what they thought would happen than what they have actually lost. This is due to the fact that Hillary wasn’t the president before and she won’t be the next one either.


Their inner experience can then be similar to what they would go through if a loved one passed on or if a relationship was to come to an end, for instance. It is then going to be normal for them to feel sad and to cry.

Having said that, they could stop themselves from feeling this vulnerable, and they could end up feeling extremely angry instead. Alternatively, they could just end up feeling depressed and disconnect from how they feel.

A Closer Look

There is the chance that one could be angry one moment and sad the next, and then before long they could feel very low. This is not to say that everyone is going to respond in the same way, as not everyone is the same.

However, even though the mainstream media has been talking about this and even offered their support, it wouldn’t be right to say that they have haven’t played a part. The reason for this is that they created the impression that Hillary would win; when this was far from certain.

False Hope

In the same way that someone’s partner could say that they want to be with them, even though they are unsure; the mainstream media set people up to believe that Hillary would win even though this was not the complete truth. The primary reason they said this was to try to convince people to vote for her and to discourage people from voting for Trump.

It was then not that they were reporting on what was actually taking place; they were creating their own news. Through doing this, they ended up creating the illusion that it would only be a matter of time before Hillary would be in the white house.

A Balanced Approach

If the mainstream media told people what was actually taking place as opposed to doing everything they could to make Hillary the next president, there would have been no reason for her supporters to feel so let down. This is because they would have known for months that there was no guarantee that she would win the election.

There could still be a sense of loss, but it is unlikely to be as strong as what some of her supporters are currently going through. In the same way that someone could prepare themselves if their partner told them that they are unsure if they are going to stay around.


The mainstream media set people up to suffer through lying to them, but instead of holding their hands up, they are pretending that they are just a shocked as they are. But if they have been lying for so long, there is going to be no reason for them to change.

When it comes to being informed about the world, the mainstream media is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. The alternative media is a far better option, and even this source needs to be scrutinised.

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