It has been said that the mainstream media doesn’t need to prove that what it is selling is the truth, the only thing it is needs to do is to gain people’s attention. By doing this, it will have an effect on what people think about and, of course, what they don’t think about.

There are going to be people who simply accept what they hear, having no interest in finding out if there is any truth to it. And, there will be people who don’t believe everything they hear, but who are still thinking about what they have been told by this source.

A Target

One way of looking at this would be to say that it’s as though the mainstream media has a special information device, with this being a device that can send information straight into people’s brains. But while the ideal will be for the information to go straight into people’s brains, this won’t always happen.

Let’s say that this is something that won’t happen when someone has a force field around their mind – a force field known as the ability to think critically. But, even if someone does have this ability and this information does go all the way in, it can still catch their attention, thereby taking their attention away from other things.

A Big Relief

The fact that not everyone believes what this source of information comes out with wont be the ideal, but what will more than make up for this is that this source won’t have to worry about telling people about what is actually going on. They will know that they can continue to lay on as much propaganda as they want.

Therefore, although this source will position itself as being the bastion of truth and all the rest of it, it will simply be there to control people. Now, this doesn’t mean that they will have a problem will making out that other sources are full of lies; what it means is that they won’t be able to look at themselves in the mirror.

A Defence Mechanism

Fairly recently, for instance, this source came out and accused the alternative media of being ‘fake news’. This is a classic case of, ‘the pot calling the kettle black’, and shows how deluded and/or amoral this source of information is.

What happened here is then no different to what happens at an individual level and how people often accuse others of that which they are. When it comes to the mainstream media accusing the alternative media of fake news, it is a textbook example of projection.

Another Tactic

In a way, this was a way for the mainstream media to try to stay afloat and to delay the inevitable. As a result of so many people turning their back on this source of information, due to the amount of lies they have come out with over the years, they had to find a way to discredit the competition and to try to stay relevant.

Instead of getting even, and committing to providing the truth as opposed to more lies, they got ugly. It is then tantamount to a falling restaurant sending people over to a new restaurant that is thriving to put mice in their toilets.

The Power of Focus

Over the years, numerous people have said, in one way or another, that whatever we focus on becomes more prominent. Taking this into account, it is clear to see that the mainstream media has been using people’s attention for decades to make certain things grow.

It is then as though the people who have bought into what they have sold have helped to maintain the story that this source has presented. The mainstream media provides the seeds and the people who buy into what they sell provide the nutrients to make them grow.

The Big Illusion

However, what has covered up the part that human beings are playing in what is taking place in the world is the widely accepted belief that they are simply observers of their reality. Thus, it doesn’t matter what is taking place within them or what they focus on, as they are not influencing the world.

This way of seeing the world could be seen as what takes place when someone is out of touch with their body and lives in their head. What this part of them will do is cause them to believe that they are separate from everyone and everything.

Feeding the Beast

Without realising it, then, the very act of being ‘informed’ by the mainstream media could cause someone to add more fuel to a fire that is already out of control. But, through seeing themselves as merely an observer and overlooking the part that their focus (energy) is having, they won’t be aware of this.

This is the perfect scenario for the mainstream media, as it will allow them to carry out their agenda without being interrupted. Yet, if someone wants to live on a more peaceful, loving and harmonious planet, and doesn’t want to support a story/narrative that is not serving the planet, it will be essential for them to take back control of their own attention (energy).


When Ghandi said, ‘’be the change you wish to see in the world’, it is unlikely that he was talking about the importance to trying to change others. Most likely, he was talking about something that is often overlooked – changing oneself (something that usually involves healing trauma) and being an example to others.

If someone is out of touch with their inherent power and worth, and is identified with their ego, trying to change others is going to be very tempting. Through feeling powerless, control others will be seen as the only way for them to experience a sense of power.

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