Throughout the ages, people have attempted to predict the future through many ways. However, the mysterious essence of this phenomenon remains ignored.

Only the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung provides us with explanations that can be trusted. I continued Jung’s research proving that he really discovered the hidden meaning of dreams. I also simplified his complicated method. Today everyone can easily learn the dream language and understand the predictions they see in their dreams.

We are able to predict the future because the unconscious mind that produces our dreams protects our mental health from the attacks of the anti-conscience, which is our evil and wild conscience. The unconscious mind also protects us from the evilness of the world we live in.

Many scientific discoveries in many different fields, like biology, astronomy, neurology, and physics have already proved to the world that we indispensably need the existence of a creator. The nature of our world is very well organized, and all new organisms are hardwired to be able to survive before their birth. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have time to learn how to survive. This preparation indicates the necessity of a superior brain, since it cannot be the result of chance. It is the result of precise calculations, with specific intentions. Thus, we have already discovered scientific proof of God’s existence.

The guidance we receive in dreams proves this fact even more. The unconscious wisdom cannot be justified unless we admit the existence of a superior creature.

This is a truth you can verify by yourself. The unconscious psychotherapy works like a spiritual purification. As you eliminate your evil anti-conscience, you purify your spirit. This is why when you follow the unconscious guidance in your dreams, you follow a brilliant destiny.

Everyone has a destiny previously traced for them because everyone already inherits various characteristics in their personality. The Greek mythology had three ‘moiras’ who prepared the future destiny of the human being. This mythological representation has a symbolic meaning that fits with what we understand when we master the dream language. There are in fact three destinies available to all human beings:

* The destiny given by our human conscience, which is based on the repetition of the mistakes of our psychological personality type. When we follow our under-developed conscience, we suffer with the consequences of our mistakes. We may have a few pleasant moments in our lives, but we also pass through many tragic moments of despair.

* The destiny given by our evil and wild anti-conscience, which is based on the destruction of our human conscience. When we accept the absurd thoughts of the anti-conscience we become schizophrenic, psychotic, and so on. This is the destiny followed by a big percentage of our population, even though many cases are not diagnosed. Many mentally ill individuals are simply considered ‘extravagant’, and yet, hold powerful positions on Earth. They are tortured by the anti-conscience’s absurdity, and this is why they torture everyone around them.

* The destiny given by the saintly unconscious mind, which represents our salvation from the auto-destructive tendencies of our under-developed conscience and anti-conscience. When we obey the unconscious guidance, we are happy and constantly evolving into a greater human being. This is a destiny that only a few people in our world manage to follow by way of religion or, through dream translation.

Depending on your attitude in life, you will choose one destiny over another. Of course, you should choose the brilliant destiny prepared for you by the unconscious mind. You only have to eliminate the evilness and the craziness you have inherited in the biggest part of your brain through dream therapy.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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