The word light has become a very popular term among the self help and spirituality communities of our current era. For different people, this word can have many diverse and personal meanings. Light is often used as a metaphor for uplifting emotional states or for a sense of existential freedom. For others, it can mean a specific energy -- metaphysical or psychic.
For the sake of delineating these terms in a relatively clear way, I've determined to focus on this phenomenon from a purely spiritual standpoint, dividing light into three distinct categories: 1) artificial light -- any light, whether therapeutic or otherwise, that is created by us, 2) qualified light -- those rays that are defracted from the original form into various qualities of functionality (for instance, as chakras are described by different colors -- each emanation performing a different role or process), and 3) Source Light -- that primal brilliance that is at the foundation of all created order, revealing divinity but not differentiated from that divinity as an "other".
My interest is in this third (which is really the primary) category.
Some believe that light is a healing energy. But this is not exactly accurate. Light reveals. It does not heal. However, the ability to access Source Light is a great boon to all healers; for, while it does not perform the transformation necessary to healing (it is our will -- combined with Spirit that does this) it does enable us to clearly "see" the processes and pathways for accomplishing such work. Thus light, by its revelatory nature, is an expander of awareness -- an inherent, internal, intelligent (remember, it is not differentiated from the divinity from which it proceeds) way-shower for profound change.
The challenge to anyone wishing to consciously work with this Source Light is twofold: first, a person must learn how to consistently access the light and, secondly, they need to be sure which category they are working with (All forms of light will have their benefits. I just believe that going to the source is the best approach).
In recent years, many spiritual and energy practitioners have been discovering various ways to access this light. There are as many pathways into the internal realms of spiritual energy as there are personalities and belief systems. One of the best methods I've found is an approach to the Inner Spark through the subconscious mind. This is particularly effective because the subconscious is a perfect bridge between the various faculties, internal as well as external, of mind, body, emotion, and spirit; it functions and fluidly interacts freely between each of these (for an example of this see my youtube video on accessing Inner Light: Once we learn how to access this light on a regular basis - with verifiable and trustworthy methods, then the light does the rest of the work: it will reveal level after level of our interior landscape until full enlightenment is attained.

Author's Bio: 

Oscar Truitt is a certified Inner Light Coach, developer and instructor of The Inner Light Transmutation Process. After more than thirty-five years of studying the spiritual traditions of the east and west related to Uncreated Light as well as decades of personal work, Oscar has learned how to consistently access this soul-freeing energy as well as how to help other do the same.