Picture if you will a mason, with plaster and concrete, chisel and hammer, diligently and reverently making repairs to the supporting columns of a magnificent sanctuary. He knows full well that his work reinforces and maintains the structural supports uplifting the roof. Without that reinforcement, the supports crumble, the roof falls away, and the sanctuary is no more.

That is my work, in metaphor. I am a master mason, reinforcing and supporting the pillars the support a roof. The pillars are those clients I call “Lightworkers”, who uplift and support others by writing, teaching and healing. They are gifted on their own, but my support gives them added strength to do their work.

Every one of us is a “master mason” in some sense. A woman who “doesn’t work” and provides a home for her family. An author whose works teach others about themselves. An entertainer who brings emotion to an audience. A teacher who brings knowledge and wisdom to students. A cashier who sees dozens of people each day. We all provide a valuable resource to someone or many someones.

I think back to the hundreds of people I have encountered in my life. There were many, especially in my youth, who actively destroyed, or who by inattention left others crumbling away in neglect. There were many who encouraged, uplifted, showed by example, offered comfort and support, taught, loved. . . all of these had influences. The woman who taught me about the Law of Attraction before I ever understood it. The pastor who shined the love of God. The co-worker who voluntarily gave support when I needed it. The friend who gave so generously of herself when my mother died. The grocery clerk who smiled at me after a difficult working day.

Many of us are taught from an early age that it is selfish to think of ourselves first. But if you’ve ever been on an airplane (and this is a frequently used metaphor), you’re instructed to put on your own oxygen mask before attempting to help another with theirs. If you don’t provide yourself the fuel you need (whether basic needs like food, water and rest, or more spiritual and emotional needs) you won’t have any to share with others. But it is just as harmful to think of ourselves ONLY, without regard for how we influence those around us.

Take some time to try this exercise. Write down ten ways to describe yourself (i.e. happy, depressed, overweight, generous, funny, go-getter, etc.). Have a trusted friend write down ten ways THEY would describe you. Compare the two lists and see how you express yourself to others. Are you authentic or do you present a different picture to the outside world from who you really are?

Here is another revealing exercise. Consider the past several days you have had. How many people have you come into contact with? What were your interactions with those people? Did you reinforce or did you tear down? Did you provide support to yourself first, so that you had what you needed to support others? Consider your life as a whole – what was the overall trend? Regardless of your past influences, did you and do you shine light, or do you turn on the “dark switch”? Think about ways you can change how you use your energy and your life. Write down some of the seemingly small encounters you had – what were they like? What was the overall feeling? Also note the important meetings, those with more impact on you. Were they largely positive? Was there a theme running through them, like stress, or generosity, or love? What do you like about your actions and reactions? What do you dislike and wish to change?

Becoming aware of how you use your life makes you aware of how your thoughts and ideas influence your world. If you are indeed a mason, a sculptor of your world, why would you choose to influence in a negative way? Try shining your true light, improve the tools you use to create your world, and do your best to become the Master Mason you’re meant to be. That roof you're helping to support shelters us all.

Author's Bio: 

Holly Matson is the owner of Lightseeds Office (www.LightseedsOffice.com). After more than two decades in corporate support and administration, Holly formed LightSeeds Office to provide the same expert level of support to spiritual teachers, healers, speakers, authors and other Lightworkers. She is a resource for client management, event planning, office organization and secretarial work, done in-person or virtually over the internet and phone.