As a state of South India, it resembles the traditions of most of the other state’s weddings. The parents will decide on the match for their son or daughter using a matrimony website. If a parent is looking for a Gulbarga bride, a Gulbarga second matrimony website like Match Finder can help you out. After that, most of the rituals will be similar to other Hindu weddings with slight differences.
Gulbarga Pre-wedding Customs
Let us discuss some of these traditions and rituals of the Gulbarga wedding.
Nischay Tambulam – It is the engagement function of the South Indian state of Hindus. All family members of both the bride and the groom will come up and decide the date of the wedding. Nishcay Tambulam is considered the official starting point of marriage. It is like announcing the union of the two souls to every family member and the guests. It will mostly happen in a temple or a Mandap based on their convenience.
Exchange of visits and gifts – Once the engagement is over, the groom’s family will go to the bride’s home with a lot of gifts for the bride such as clothes, bangles, and many other cosmetic items. In turn, the bride’s family will visit the groom’s house. There will be a lot of fun going on during the processes.
Body purification – Like all other Hindu weddings, Gulbarga weddings also include the process of purification of the bodies of the groom and the bride at their respective houses before the wedding.
Kashi Yatra – It is one of the most interesting events at a Gulbarga wedding. The groom will provide a shock to everyone by acting like he is going to run away from the marriage and become a permanent bachelor. Since he will be saying that he is going to Kaashi to attain moksha, the tradition has got the name. Yatra means voyage. Once the groom starts his journey, some men from the bride’s family will run to convince him and make him stay back.
Wedding ceremonies
Every Hindu marriage will start with the bride’s father washing the feet of the groom, in a ritual known as Paatha Pooja. Then he will go to the stage with a sacred fire. The bride will join with no time and then the priest will ask him to tie the Mangalam around the bride’s neck. It will symbolize that the marriage is over. Then the couple will for seven rounds around the holy fire to finish the wedding. The bride’s father will hand over his girl to the groom.
There will be a grand feast after the wedding for all the relatives and the guests. The next event of the rituals is welcoming the bride to the groom’s house. It is known as Griha Pravesh. There will be several games and activities to comfort the bride as it will be awkward for the bride to be in an entirely different environment for the first time. Then the name-changing ceremony will occur to change the name of the bride.

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