Commercial epoxy flooring has a wide variety of uses in many different industries. Epoxy flooring offers strength, durability and protection and it is also relatively low in cost. This makes epoxy flooring the ideal flooring in a range of different industries. Read on to find out more about it.

• Warehouse flooring
Epoxy coatings are ideal for warehouse floors. There is usually heavy traffic on warehouse floors including equipment like vehicles, forklifts, and other machinery. By coating the floor with epoxy coating, it protects the concrete floor from pitting, wear and other types of damage. Epoxy coatings also make warehouse surfaces easy to clean, and it defends against spills, dirt and wearing by other chemical agents. Also in areas where people will be walking, a traction layer could be added to the epoxy to lessen the chance of workers slipping and falling.
• Aircraft hangers
The floor of the aircraft hangar sees a lot of chemical spills and oil spills. Traditional concrete floors will absorb the chemicals, making it difficult to completely remove the spills without replacing the floor. In such a situation, epoxy flooring is the best possible solution. Being chemical resistant, epoxy floors will repel chemicals and when spillage occurs, the chemicals or oil will float on the flooring surface without actually seeping in. this will allow maintenance crews to clean up easily. Epoxy floor coatings are heat resistant as well and this makes them best equipped to handle the hot tires of the aircraft.
• Automotive facilities
Automobile shops are notoriously very hard on the floors. Grease, oil and other chemical spillage on floors is common. There is also mechanical damage because tools and parts are regularly dropped onto the floor and this causes chips, gouges and scratches on the surface of the concrete. If epoxy coating is done to the floor of auto shops, these incidents can be avoided altogether.
• Showroom floors
Besides being a highly durable commercial grade coating, epoxy resins are extremely versatile and stylish. With epoxy many different styles, colors and textures can be achieved in order to match the design requirements of showrooms. Car manufacturers can show off the top of their car with a nicely matching floor color.
• Pharmaceutical floor
Epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for pharmaceutical floors and laboratory floors. The epoxy resin is anti-microbial in nature and it resists dust, dirt and bacteria. Epoxy has a high degree of chemical resistance and its waterproof finish helps to make it the ideal flooring choice for laboratories and pharmaceutical environment.

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