The common uses for Botox are already known among many people, but there are also other uses that may be helpful to many people that don’t realize it. There are times when people are suffering from several ailments when a doctor may prescribe the drug to help. You should realize how you could possibly be assisted with several different things that may be happening to you.

The drug has been used for several problems with the head and neck, such as cervical dystonia (spasmodic torticollis, uncontrollable tightening of the neck muscles that may possibly cause abnormal head positions and cause neck point). People have been shown to be helped with injections of Botox in the muscles. Strabismus, which is an eye problem that makes the eye turn in or outward, has also been shown to improve with injections. Blepharospasm, which is abnormal tightening of the eyelid muscle causing uncontrollable blinking, squinting, and abnormal eye movements, is also shown to decrease with treatment. Upper limb spasticity has also been a problem among adults that has been improved with the injection. Their arms, fingers, and elbows show a significant improvement in movement after the treatment.

Sweating can be very embarrassing for many people and if you think you are alone, you aren’t. Many people have suffered from too much sweating that isn’t controlled by a topical treatment and they are now better treated with Botox. Many other areas of the body that sweat can also be helped by the injection, such as the palms and other parts of the body after eating. It has also been used for tremors of the body, which are uncontrollable movements. It has been injected in patients’ underarms to help control sweating and it has been shown to help. Stroke patients have also been given the drug to improve their conditions. Many people also suffer from very frequent migraines, such as more than 15 days in a month and last at least 4 hours, and have been helped with injections. Patients with cerebral palsy, usually children, have received the drug as well.

The most common use for the drug is helping aging lines. Many women and men have used the injection to help smooth out frown lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. It works by blocking the nerve signal within a muscle to control movement and tightening. There are many conditions that are able to be helped by using Botox as prescribed. You should speak with your doctor about how it may be able to assist you in your life and you may be surprised at how it helped.

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Peter Morgan is a health writer for Hylagen, Ireland's leading Botox clinic for Botox Dublin.