There are MMA mixed reactions among parents regarding the idea of getting their kids involved in training.

The truth is that MMA training for kids can be very beneficial. The various forms of martial arts have been used for many centuries as a form of self-defence and exercise. Mixed martial arts or MMA is a mixture of boxing, Muay Thai, grappling, jujitsu and many more. Throughout the ages a lot of adults have used MMA to take advantage of its many benefits and there is no reason why kids should not do the same.

One of the reasons why training for kids is great for children is its health benefits. Through MMA your kids will get plenty of exercise. Exercise is very important especially for growing children. MMA training for kids keeps them physically active for long periods of time. This is a better activity than having your kids watch TV, play video games or sit in front of the computer the whole day. Kids need lots of exercise in order to be healthy and physically fit and MMA training provides plenty of that.
MMA training for kids also helps them overcome their fears.

This is especially helpful for kids who are shy. With the help of training for kids, they will learn to be more courageous in facing the different challenges in their young lives. Undergoing the training and facing an opponent in a competition will teach your kids how to set aside their fears. For a child, it can be frightening to face an opponent across the mat in a competition but once they get over that then they will have the courage to face any obstacle or opponent that comes their way.
Discipline is one of the important benefits of MMA training for kids and it is something that every child can benefit from.

If your child is oftentimes unruly and you have a hard time controlling him then he will have a lot to gain from training for kids. This kind of training is very strict and systematic. As the kids undergo their training, they learn how to be disciplined along the way. Discipline once learned as a child, can never be unlearned.
Self-confidence is also something that kids can learn from MMA training.

As they undergo training, they learn new skills and gain confidence in themselves. Kids become more self-confident if they know that they are good at something. With MMA training for kids, they also become more self-confident that they will be capable of protecting themselves from anyone who wishes them harm.

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Travis S. Lutter is an American mixed martial artist who won the The Ultimate Fighter 4 reality show. His UFC record, not including his exhibition wins on The Ultimate Fighter 4, is 2–4. He is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Carlos Machado.