Trees planted in urban settings bring a whole range of benefits to us city dwellers. The appeal of the neighborhood increases and also there are benefits to the environment. Trees also have a positive effect on the health and social well- being of communities. Read on to find out the top benefit of trees and tree services.

Economic benefits
The trees that are planted in the urban areas offer a lot of economic benefits to homeowners as well as municipalities and business owners. Landscaped homes with trees typically get 12-15% more from quotes from buyers, and if the home is located on a tree lined street get about 18% more than other homes, all other things remaining constant. The logic behind these inflated sums is that the trees will offer shade in the summer and during winter they will serve as a windbreak and reduce heating costs. Also similar to homes, those businesses with trees attract customers more. Studies have shown that customers tend to linger more at businesses that are landscaped. Municipalities also benefit from the trees’; trees provide a natural way of reducing the storm water impact, and this helps municipalities in cutting stormwater management costs.

Environmental benefits
We all know that trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen into the atmosphere. What is less well known is that trees also absorb a range of pollutants like nitrogen oxide, dust, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and ozone. Trees perform a stellar job in cutting down on air pollution. They also do the same thing with water. Trees serve as natural storm drains when rain falls. The root systems of trees absorb storm water, prevent the erosion of soil, and water pollution in the area is also reduced due to trees. And finally it cannot be denied that trees provide a natural habitat for many species of birds and insects.

Health benefits
Apart from helping the environment, trees also provide for a number of health benefits. Trees lessen the pollution in the city air, provide cool streets for walking, and they also shield pedestrians from the harmful UV rays. If residents get access to a green space planted by trees, it will promote physical activity and lead to reduced stress. Also residents will have better respiratory health in the presence of trees. Tree lined homes enjoy greater privacy and solitude. Neighborhood trees also point to less criminal activity and violence.

As a homeowner you should tend to your trees to fully enjoy all the benefits they have to offer. If you are looking for an arborist to help you, search for tree services Austin, Austin, Texas , tree service, tree services Austin, Texas, or for tree services.

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