The MSI (managed server independence) mode delivers an extremely advantageous feature. The server could be began without having an administration server. This feature enables corporations to increase their network efficiency and profitability. The administration server is utilized to configure instances and resources within a domain. The managed server independence mode has proven advantageous since if the administration server is down, starting the server won't be effected.The MSI mode should be enabled as a way to take advantage of this benefit.

It's finest to enable this feature, if it has not been accomplished automatically, from the beginning which will enable you to troubleshoot any troubles you could run into as a result of the administrative server going down. When the administrative server is up and running once again it has the ability to recognize the servers running in the managed server independence mode. The administrative server will run a check for a managed server status by running a poll. The poll is run on the specified address listed in config.xml. The administrative server must be marked to run in MSI mode in order for this to happen.

Occasionally, an administrative server could not recognize the managed servers once it is up and running again. In this instance, the status of the managed servers is usually listed as UNKNOWN or SHUTDOWN. To troubleshoot this problem, the node manager on the remote machine need to be configured. To test for this, simply commence the administrative server then start off the managed server. Shutdown the administrative server and then start off it up once more. Recheck the status of the managed server. Further tests and configurations may be necessary. To do this, go back to the WL domain setup and begin troubleshooting from there.

Numerous domains could be established all with their own configuration file (config.xml). These domains are built on the responsibilities, application boundaries or geographical servers of varying administrators. Though configurations and deployment tasks can't be performed in multiple domains at the same time, a single domain may be utilized to centralize every single WebLogic Server administration activity. Keep in mind that to be able to make a configuration to a specific domain, that domain must be selected.

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