I love cooking a lot. I watch cooking programs. I attend different cooking classes. I try a variety of foods and recipes and try to diversify my dishes. I have tried almost all the foods I had learned so far. ( read about kitfo at epersianfood.com )

kitfo recipe

The way I cooked kitfo:

I decided to make something new with what I know.

I glanced at the fridge. I didn't have much in the fridge. There was some meat, corn, pickles , and some ketchup in the fridge. There was, of course, a little chicken in the fridge. I had to cook with the ingredients I had. Because the weather was very cold and it was raining. I put the material on the counter and stared at it. I remembered that meat without onions did not taste good and must have onions to eliminate the smell of meat. I took a look inside the drawer and the onion was just so I could use it.

I peeled the onions and grated to discard the excess water. I minced the meat ,and chicken too . Add the onion to the meat and chicken mixture. I also sprinkled some salt, pepper and cinnamon on hand to make the ingredients even.

I poured some oil into the pan and fried the ingredients a little. In the other pan, cook the corn with some water to soften. In a larger container I mixed corn and meat and poured into the plate. It didn't look bad. I crushed the pickles and laid it on the plate.

I poured some ketchup sauce on the meat. It didn't look bad but I wasn't too sure about the taste. There was also a little pickled cabbage in the fridge. I poured in a small bowl and started eating. I tasted some of it first. It was tolerable. It tasted good.

But I felt a little lacking.


The recipe of kitfo:

While I was browsing the Internet for some time, someone posted a picture of the food he had made on his personal page, much like the food I had made a few days ago.

I was very curious to ask about the food. I texted that person and asked for the name of the meal. The name of the meal was Kitfo. I asked him to teach me how to do it. Boldly explained all the points and tips. I talked to him about the food I had cooked. He said it's the same as kitfo, I just didn't use spices.


The spices I had to use were cinnamon and clove powder. He said they use chicken often and the main ingredients in recipe is beef. In addition, the meat is not fried and only slightly fried or eaten raw. And it should not be mixed with cooked corn or other ingredients alongside meat. He also spoke of a banana-shaped bread called Kocho. Of course, if you do not have access to this bread you can use other breads as well.

Given what he said today, I had to bake Kitfo with its original recipe. kitfo is one of the tasty foods because it can be a complete meal because of its meat and bread. If you are allergic to some spices you can remove or replace them. Of course, other materials can be added. kitfo is one of my favorite foods. And I'm going to teach it to my other friends. You can cook this delicious dish and tell us your thoughts.

Of course, I used pickles too. It was much tasty. Cool drinks are also the best choice for this dish.
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