If you are looking to get more vitamins, minerals and amino acids into your diet, wheatgrass is a good choice. It’s a type of grass from the “wheat” family. It actually comes from a plant called an Agropyron plant. Although it comes from the wheat family, it looks suprisingly a lot like your own grass in your front yard. The difference is, it is full of all kinds of nutrients that are great for your body. Just like vegetables, wheatgrass can be juiced and consumed for a number of health benefits. It is said to help lower choelsterol, improve your digestive system, prevent certain cancers and give you more energy. And because the juice is 70% chlorophyll, it will oxygenate your body.

Many juice bars around the county offer wheatgrass shots(small amounts of the juice) or they can add it to juice drinks. It has a strong grassy taste so it is best taken with other juices. A shot of wheatgrass juice may taste better if followed by a glass of orange juice. wheatgrass shots is quite potent so you only need a few ounces to reap the health benefits. For those looking to detoxify or cleanse their system may want to take more than a few ounces of the juice or take it more often throughout the day. You can also buy frozen wheatgrass cubes at some health food stores. You simply defrost and drink them.

Many people choose to juice their own wheatgrass shots. You can buy the wheatgrass at health food stores and then juice it at home. You have to have a special kind of juicer. A blender will not squeeze out the juice from the grass. Talk to someone at the health food store to find out how you can juice the grass at home. You can even grow your own. You simply buy the flats of the grass seeds and you can harvest them at home. They will just need to be kept in sunlight and they require little to no maintenance. The grass will need to grow about 8 inches before it is ready to juice. This takes about a week.

It is recommended to drink the juice on an empty stomach. Some of the benefits you may notice from drinking the juice are more energy, better sleep, decreased cravings, improved eyesight, a stronger immune system and an overall sense of well being.

Our bodies require nutrition to work properly. Without good nutrition, we can suffer from all sorts of ailments and diseases. Drinking wheatgrass juice has the ability to help you live a nutritious, healthy life.

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Editor’s Note: Peter Morgan is a health writer for Wheatgrass UK covering information on wheatgrass as well as the benefits of wheatgrass capsules.