It’s easier to make fast progress to become a great rock guitar player when you avoid the common mistakes others make. For example, most guitarists believe in one or more rock guitar playing myths that prevent them from getting better.

Improve your guitar playing faster by not believing in the following rock guitar myths:

Myth #1: Learning Arpeggios Is Only For Shredders/Metal Guitarists

Learning arpeggios on guitar does not make you a shred guitarist, and does not mean you have to begin playing at super-fast speeds. Arpeggios are used all throughout music because they are broken up chords. When you learn them, you become able to visualize the fretboard better (helping you to target chord tones during soloing). This gives you additional creative options during lead guitar solos and helps you become a more expressive musician.

Myth #2: Learning Music Theory Makes You Less Creative

Many classic rock guitarists believe that music theory is nothing but a set of strict rules that box you into a certain way of thinking. This causes them to avoid learning about how music works, thus holding themselves back. This belief is not true.

Truth is, music theory is simply a method for explaining and predicting what makes you feel particular emotions when you hear specific notes, harmonies, melodies, etc. When you know more about it, you have greater potential to be creative in your music. For example, when you know how chords and scales work with each other, you are able to choose notes while soloing in order to create a specific emotional effect.

Myth #3: Classic Rock Is 100% Unique From Other Styles

Being a classic rock guitar player requires the same skills as playing in any other style for electric guitar. For instance: understanding the notes to use while soloing over specific parts of a song, aural skills, playing with excellent vibrato, using perfect 2-hand sync, etc. No matter what style you play in, these skills are needed. It’s the way that you apply/integrate these skills that makes up your specific playing style.

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