Obesity can affect anyone regardless of their gender, age, and socio-economic status. Anyone with a BMI of more than 30 is considered obese. The worst part about it is that people who try to lose weight to curb obesity can have a high relapse. If you are worried that your weight is increasing at an alarming rate, seeing a New Rochelle obesity professional will be a good idea. At NY FITPROS, helping you lose weight is one of their top priorities. However, that can only be successful when you understand how you gained it in the first place.

Why you became obese or overweight

Below are some of the reasons to justify an individual’s weight gain or obesity:


Do you binge-eat processed foods or junk? If yes, you risk developing obesity. Canned or processed foods are appealing to the eye and resisting them is next to impossible. It gets to a point where you crave for it even if you feel full. Over time, your body develops an urge to want more, and this may lead to an increase in weight gain.

Lack of exercise

If your job description requires you to sit all day, gaining weight becomes easy. You need to engage in physical exercise, even if it means taking a 30-minute walk per day. Remember, insulin levels depend on your body's ability to embrace exercises. The only way to keep it in check is by exercising daily.

Family history

Take a look at your family’s history. Are your parents, siblings, or other close relatives obese? If yes, you could also inherit those genes. Chances are your family’s eating lifestyle habits might also affect you. For example, if your family loves takeout from restaurants, you might also develop the same habit. This means that your family and the environment you thrive in may influence your eating habits.

Some diseases and types of medications

If you have been diagnosed with depression, diabetes, seizure, or psychosis, the medications you are taking might cause weight gain as a side effect. Of course, your body might be too tired to accommodate the idea of engaging in a physical exercise to help you shed weight. Over time, your body gets comfortable, and that is how obesity creeps in.


The body reacts differently to foreign things, which is not different with weight gain due to pregnancy. You might gain weight during pregnancy and childbirth because your body is struggling to eat for two. The best way to shed off some pounds is by breastfeeding and incorporating many fruits into your diet.

You do not have to live with obesity

If your BMI is 30 and over, it is time to revisit what caused it. Your diet, inability to exercise, family history, and other risk factors may contribute to your weight gain. Please do not sit pretty, hoping for a miracle to happen. How your body responds depends on your lifestyle habits and medical conditions. To get the best weight loss solution, see a personal training and medical fitness expert.

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