Winter is the best season to enjoy under the sunshine and have fun in every tiring afternoon. However, for most people, they commonly experience dry hands every time the winter comes. Aside from any skin aging concerns, I must having a dry hands is one of the common concerns faced by a lot of us. If you are one of those who suffer from this condition, discussed below are some of the reasons why dry hands occur and effective cures to consider.

During winter, both the outside temperature and general humidity are relatively low. You can observe that the harsh cold winds reduce the skin’s moisture and blocks its natural lipid layer. For other reason, hot water as well can dry your skin particularly your hands. Instead, using a water with lukewarm will help you preserve the moisture of your skin. For best solution, try to get a good hand cream and use it consistently in order to make your skin moisturize and supple. Other reason is that it is not advisable to use soap for dry hands. Soaps are not enriched with right amount of moisturizer that is why it leaves the skin dry. There are some soaps which are blended with oil but they do not help that much. It is still best to wash the part with dry skin with pure water and let it dry without rubbing it with towel or any cloth.

Make it a practice to apply a good hand cream daily. Purchase a good quality one that will works on any type and extent of your skin's dryness. It is good also if you exfoliate your skin on weekly schedule. Hand Cream moisturizes the skin and it only works best on an exfoliated skin. If you have any, try to apply scrub and massage for some time to achieve great results.

Lastly, as experts suggested, drinking enough water will keep the skin healthy. This is actually true. This is the best way to hydrate the skin and drinking water alone can moisturize your skin from inside out. Avoid washing your face with tap water and with hot water.

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