Most smokers have tried to quit at least once, many have tried more than once. There are a few common issues or blocks they face when they try, and these are what often cause them to return to smoking. If you are looking at other options such as becoming a vaping Kiwi here are the stumbling blocks to be wary of.

Withdrawal symptoms can be quite difficult - One of the problems of smoking is that addiction means when you quit you have cravings and withdrawal symptoms. These effects vary from one person to another but include things like agitation, irritability, headaches and even sometimes hand tremors. Going through these symptoms can put some people off before they even experience them. Having alternatives to smoking like vaping which is safer than cigarettes is a good thing.

Weight gain is not something people want - It has been found that for some people smoking suppresses their appetite so when they quit they start to eat more than they did and gain some weight. Wanting to do something with their hands is another reason they reach for food. Something like an e-cigarette from vape shops near me might avoid that.

Will power can vary - A lot of people struggle mentally when it comes to giving up smoking. It does take willpower, it is hard fighting the urge and the habit you have formed. Smokers quit and then when they are finding the struggle especially hard go back to it. Or faced with the knowledge of how hard it will be they do not really quit at all.

Stress is a trigger - A lot of smokers especially enjoy lighting up when they are stressed out. Cigarettes give them something to do when they are feeling out of control or are unable to cope with a situation. You could choose to be a vaping Kiwi instead of a smoking one though! If stress is a real trigger for you then you could find other ways of lowering the stress or managing it so you do not light up when you are under pressure.

Social pressure even in adults - Another common issue for smokers is that it is a social thing and when you are trying to quit but your friends are not it is hard. You are used to lighting up at certain times when out drinking or after a meal for example.

It has become a habit that is hard to break - A big part of smoking is the habit you form. Eating and then lighting up a cigarette. Waking up and having your morning coffee with your first smoke of the day. As you form habits they are very hard to break. It is not just the addiction it is the repetition that is part of your routine. The good thing about trying e-cigarettes from vape shops near me is that you can maintain the habit without the other nasty thing that happens with real cigarettes.

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