Our nervous system is the core and central part of our body, it dominates all the functions of the body to a greater extent, apparently slightest misalignment can result in improper functioning of body parts and in many cases it can change the transmission course of nerve impulses making certain body parts dysfunctional. Chiropractic, a special medical discipline uses natural methods of spinal adjustment to rectify the misalignment so that the body can function to its utmost potentiality.

Dr. Tali Chiropractor Smyrna GA, is passionate about her job, she adopts both active and passive treatment methods to treat patients suffering from inflammation and swelling, consequently making the movement of their affected body parts smoother and swift. Besides, she takes extra care to prohibit body from falling back to its earlier conditions. Importantly, patients need to adopt a new lifestyle to maintain a healthy life and Dr. Tali shows extreme enthusiasm in assisting her patients in modifying their lifestyle.
The Specialty - of Dr.Tali
At her clinic Radiant Health she uses state of the art equipment to treat her patients, she performs her treatment on the exclusively designed table to apply the Cox Flexion Distraction technique, this table works on traction and decompression principle to provide pain relief to the patients with Disc issues. She performs drop technique using the pneumatic-hydraulic table which can be adjusted according to the patient's comfort level; in addition, she uses Thompson drop table, extremity adjusting, and muscle testing activator methods to analyze the amount of adjustment a particular dysfunctional part needs to function swiftly.
A special and exclusive treatment FAKTR is performed on athletes to improve their dysfunctional body parts suffering from injured soft tissues and malfunctioning fascia, using this method she enables them to break free from limited motion and achieve maximum flexibility
Besides these technological methods, she uses physical therapy procedures to treat when other methods fail to work in extreme cases.
Types of Physical Therapy:
• Therapeutic exercises
• Electrical muscle stimulation
• Ultrasound treatment
• Vibe-Plate, a vibration plate is used to align the central nervous system
• Pin and Stretch Therapy; penetrates into neurological level and heals the affected tissue
• Myofascial Release collapses down the scar tissue and adhesion hence facilitating tissue growth
• PPT, known as Pressure Point Therapy helps in breaking down dis-organized tissues to facilitate growth of new tissues
Choose Radiant Health and Live Radiantly :
If you are looking for a natural healing process without undergoing any surgery, then visit chiropractic office Smyrna, our natural procedure does the miracle, it has been tried and tested, our patient reviews are evidence of our success. Besides technology, Dr. Tali’s care and affection instigates healing process, eventually caring is the first step to treat patients suffering from extreme pain.
Back Pain is extremely painful and also hinders you from leading a normal life; Dr.Tali is vastly experienced in chiropractic and back pain treatment. If you have gone through various methods and treatment, and have not recovered from your spinal malfunctioning and restricted body movements, then here is your last resort and surely her treatment techniques will once again make you fit and perfect so that you can lead a healthier and happier life.

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