We may personally love the idea of saving lives, which is entirely possible within an incredible variety of different career options; whilst another person might have alternatively only ever have wished to pilot the first intergalactic space shuttle, which on the face of it appears to be realistically impossible - unless they make it their reality by becoming an actor…there is always a way!

Learning to trust in our intuition, rather than attempting to logically pre-plan, is one of the most vital skills needed to live on our terms and most of all, enjoy some fun along the way!

The perfect time to start is always right now…you don’t need anything but an open mind and the desire to grow into the person required to make your goals real. Start right now!

Our individual happiness can never be bought through acquiring things; it’s about you and I making the personal choice to live on our own terms every single day and right there is our real key to lasting happiness!

You wouldn’t expect to qualify as a doctor in three months, becoming proficient at taking control of your own life is exactly the same. Mastery comes through experience. Learning opportunities will be encountered. You are educating yourself and your ongoing life is the lecturer.

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