We are made to believe from a very young age that life is full of problems to solve. But what most of us are never taught is that our attitude determines how we perceive life either as problematic or filled with possibilities. Our attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference in improving situations, the outcome and increases positive thoughts.

When we recognize that life's problems are opportunities to become creative, stronger and improve our lives,then we can be successful no matter what we are faced with.

The situation below was my personal experience.I chose to see possibilities and a positive outcome and that is what I got.

I was faced with the sudden departure of my roommate. I was uncomfortable and concerned, but I didn't let that stop me from taking action. I chose to have an attitude of commitment that this was happening for me and that everything would work out. I knew that if my attitude was positive and I believed that the possibilities were limitless, then I would experience a positive solution and I did. I immediately wrote and placed an ad. I stayed positive and kept busy, within a few days I had a new roommate who could move in right away.

Your attitude and perception, no matter what the situation, makes all of the difference in the world. Are there really problems or are there opportunities? How you see your life and the situations you're faced with is how your life will be.

Watch Mona Patel's TedX talk See Problems as Opportunities to learn more ways that you can change how you perceive your life and the situations that arise.

Web link: https://youtu.be/FzAyOddR5u4

Ways to maintain a positive attitude:

Enjoy the simple things in life, be grateful for what you already have

Listen to music or read a book with positive messages

Take responsibility, be a creator not a victim

Think of life as happening for you, not to you

Be proactive, choose your attitude and sustain it throughout the day

Have a purpose, bringing meaning and purpose into your life will do wonders for you

Stop expecting life to be easy, it is tough at times, but you're brave and courageous, you've made it this far, let nothing stop you from reaching for something better

Be enthusiastic, enthusiasm will take you a long way and help you to feel as though the possibilities are limitless

Visualize, by visualizing a positive outcome, you will attract it into your life

Our perception is determined by our attitude. If our attitude is that we truly believe with the right mindset, then we will muster the courage and determination to see the possibilities with infinite opportunities. A positive attitude is life-changing.

Author's Bio: 

My intention for writing articles is to share my experiences and insight based on my experiences and the way I approach the natural lifestyle I am living.

For years I was proud that I was working in the same field as my mother. I knew she had gotten great pleasure that her first-born was following in her footsteps. I wanted my family to be happy that I was being responsible. I wasn't aware that I was unhappy, I thought I was doing what was right for my family.

Then several years ago, I chose to become mindful of my life and be an active participant rather than follow the path I had been on. As I became more conscious, the Universe, through a variety of experiences, made it clear that I was supposed to be helping people in a very different way than I had been. I am so grateful that I listened.

Living mindfully and living naturally requires my full attention, but I've never felt more alive and excited about who I am and how my life is. I no longer believe that life is the way it is and there is nothing we can do about it. My mantra is choose, then choose wisely and intentionally and everything will flow in the direction of my dreams. We get so caught up in trying to live up to expectations and please everyone else that we neglect our spirit and the person we long to be.

While I do research and offer the opinions from a variety of experts, I also believe that my personal experiences are another way for you to know that no matter what takes place in your life, with the right tools you can change and experience success.

Living mindfully isn't simple or something we practice, it is the way we choose to be and live. Being awake to making a life takes courage, determination, strength of character and knowing that you're doing the right thing for yourself. This way of living is completely giving yourself over to the experience of living with your eyes wide open.