Islam is the most practiced religion in the world. Muslims are present in almost every religion of the world and practicing the teaching of Islam. It is the psychology of every Muslim to know about their religion, its aspect and the events which occurred in Islam.
Today I am here to throw some light on the first and foremost event which occurred in Islam. The tail of lost angel. Before the creation of Adam, there was an angel whose name of was “Azazel”. He was the angel made up of fire. He was superior overall. He was the most powerful angel. He worships Allah more than anyone there is not a single place left in the world where he had not bow down to Allah.

Whenever he passed by the idol of Adam he used to curse him. Because he was made up by the fire and Adam was made up of mud. He was arrogant and egoistic because he was the powerful angel and worship Allah more than any. As we all know Allah doesn’t like arrogance so, Allah blows his soul in the soul of Hazrat Adam. Ramazan 2018 UK is the best way to see the cave of Hira and much more. And then Allah said to all the angel to bow down to the Hazrat Adam. Everyone did except “Azazel”.

He stood against the will of Allah and said,

“I am made up of fire which is the symbol of raising and he is made up of mud why to do I bow down to him?”
Allah then said,

“Bow down to him and fulfill the will of Allah.”

He again denied.

Then Allah Almighty said,

“You will be cursed until the day of Judgment. You will not die until the day of Judgement.”

He then said,

“I worship you more than any! I want the reward of it.”
Allah then asked,

“What do you want? I will fulfill you any wish.”

He then said,

“I want a place in the heart of every Adam.”
Allah then granted him the place in the heart of every Adam.

He then said,

“I will distract your Adam till the day of Judgement”
And from that time the fight between the good and evil started. From that day Azazel was given the name of “Iblis”. And he was thrown out of the Hell. This was the tail of lost angel. And he is still making people distract from the path of Allah and somehow he is passing on his mission. His victory we can see around us. There are only some of the people who are worshiping Allah. We must not get distracted by him. So, we must to righteous and purify ourselves and head to the Allah so that we may enjoy his blessings.

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