Youthfulness is a way of being, and the vitality of the young is frequently enviable. Healthy children embody youthfulness not only because of their age, but because of their natural inclinations which have not yet been shut down, along with the fact that they don’t accept most forms of limitation.

Observe any healthy child’s behaviors and outlook, and it is there that you will find the secret to their exuberance, and possibly a way of restoring your own.

There are many features of early childhood behavior with which we, as adults, have lost touch. With thoughtful consideration, you can apply any number of the traits of childhood while still commanding respect:

1. Find fun; or find the fun in the activity.

2. Smile, laugh, and tell jokes.

3. Pursue new interests and activities whenever it suits your whim.

4. Show emotions without hesitation.

5. Enjoy physical activity at a moment’s notice.

6. Create and innovate.

7. Never stop learning.

8. Be unafraid to fail at something by finding enjoyment in the process of improvement.

9. Relax, rest, and sleep when your body requires it.

10. Approach learning with an eager and open mind.

11. Indulge in believing anything is possible.

12. Worry and guilt are foreign concepts to you.

13. Have hopes, dreams, and a wonderful imagination.

14. Be curious and ask questions.

15. Have a dynamic and passionate approach to everything.

Now, consider the way in which children play. They jump for joy! They freely express all of their emotions without filtering them. They make games out of all activities, even chores. What they do both releases and recharges energy by being tactile and inquiry-based.

• Exploring toys with vibrant colors, textures, and shapes.
• Figuring out the workings of puzzles or other complex toys.
• Imagining themselves as characters or animals.
• Naturally engaging in exercise
• Testing boundaries
• Exploring their environment
• Noticing that they have natural strengths and abilities

Don’t you wish you’d never been cautioned to act your age? Just think about the way you felt when you were a child when you accomplished something, got to go somewhere special, met a new friend, learned a new skill. All of these activities are beneficial to people of any age because they relieve stress, engage both hemispheres of the brain, encourage the release of energizing hormones, connect people, and improve brain function.

To personalize your pursuit of joy:

1. Reminisce about the things you did as a child. Write down anything you miss, anything you dreamed of doing that you still ought to try, and anything new you want to dabble with.

2. Enlist a little kid from your family or friendship circle to mentor you in the art of play. Spend time just playing and mimic what you see him doing.

3. Keep negative self-talk to a minimum. Remember that there is no judgment in early childhood! It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, or whether you are “acting your age”.

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