The relationships these days are all about grand gestures and showcasing your love in all the magnificent ways that people have forgotten how much the little things in relationships matter. Relationships are built of these cute little gestures!

By little things, I do not mean cling to your partner every time. Well, by little things I mean the small acts of love. You don’t always have to do crazy things for your partner to prove your love; the small acts of love are enough for them to know how much you mean to them.

I may not be a relationship expert but I can suggest some ideas that’ll make your partner feel the love you have for him or her.

The little things that matter:

Morning texts: Nothing beats the iconic “Good morning honey” texts when it comes to small actions. No one is that busy to not being able to text a “Good morning” to their loved ones. This act starts your partner’s day on a happy note. Also, do not forget to say “Good night” to them before going to bed. It may appear small but it matters a lot.

Listen to your partner: I know you are dying to tell your story to them but hey what about them? When your partner is talking about anything that interests him like politics, football, food, tech talk, or anything, listen to them. Do not show you are not interested! Try to listen with as much interest as they are putting in telling it to you. Listening is as important as speaking in relationships.

Know their likes and dislikes: Does she like jalapenos on her pizza or not? Well, you’ve got to notice the cute little list of how they like or dislike things. There’s nothing better than a partner who knows everything about you without you telling them because they are always making mental notes about you. Isn’t it cute?

Netflix and chill: Why always go outside for movie dates? What about a tent-house of sheets with some fairy lights, a screen and popcorn, and your favorite Netflix movie, doesn’t it sound like a perfect date? Next time before going out for a movie, give it a thought!

Be frivolous together: You don’t always have to behave formally and act properly in front of them. You love each other be silly together, do crazy stuff, laugh together, sing and dance like idiots. These little things may not mean much at that moment but become priceless memories for the future.

Compliment each other: What’s the harm? Spoiling your boo with lots and lots of compliments will not only make them happy but will make them believe how much you admire them. It’ll give them positive acknowledgment. Compliment not only for looks but also about their nature, successes, and anything that you genuinely admire.

Little presents: You don’t always have to buy them expensive dresses or shoes to prove your love. Get them their favorite movie tickets or their favorite ice-cream when you know they have had a bad day. Such gestures are not about the gift but the thought that you’ve put into it. Your thought becomes the real present.

Cook for them:/b> Who doesn’t like a partner that cooks for them? The next time you plan to go to a lavish restaurant for a dinner date, skip the plan and cook for them yourself. Cook whatever you can, as I’ve already said the efforts are all that matter. Cook them pancakes or have breakfast in bed. All these little things in the relationship help it bloom

Touch them: Physical touch will soothe them. Give them a foot massage after a tiring day or hug them tight when they are down or hold their hands when they feel vulnerable, cuddle with them when they want to feel your touch. These small actions of yours will heal them. They will love you even more.

Take out time for them: Even if you have a very busy day ahead of you make sure you take out some time for them. You can maybe text them and let them know you miss them or visit them at the end of the day or take out 10 minutes to call them. It isn’t much to ask for but it’ll mean a lot to them.

Respect their opinion: One thing that is very important in any relationship is that you have to respect the other person’s opinion. It might not match your opinion but it doesn’t make their opinion is wrong. Respect each other and each other’s point of view. This little thing will prevent a lot of fights and will help your relationship grow.

Say I love you: I know it is a very basic thing to do and most of ya’all already know this but the truth is with time we tend to forget to tell our partner how much we love them. We get too busy or start taking things for granted that we obliterate to say “I love you” to the person we love. Make sure you never stop showing your love.

The little things in a relationship are actually big things. They convey a lot about you, your love, and your efforts. These small gestures strengthen your bond, bring you closer to your partner like never before, and make you feel loved.

You can do as many grandiose things as you want but they are nothing if you do not admire the little things in a relationship.

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