In his book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. provides a nutrition based guide manual that will help you learn how to prevent heart disease but also how to manage and turn it all around if you've already got it. Using the information procured from after twenty years of research, he shows the importance of having a diet that is free of oils and based in plants and minerals. He asserts that this not only will keep you on the road that does not lead to heart disease but will also reverse the condition if you've already got it. Using inspirational studies of people on the verge of death due to their heart conditions who made it through thanks to the utilization of the tips in the book as well as with the use of the 150 plus recipes included, the author portrays a great reference for anyone seeking heart fitness.

Marla Heller writes a book called the DASH Diet Action Plan, a book that is meant to lower blood pressure and cholesterol without the use of taking medicines to do it. Using a variety of research to support her claims, Heller speaks of the ways in which the DASH diet can transform one's life by really focusing on the way people eat and on what they choose to eat, as well. From details that range from managing salt intake to adding more vegetables and fruits to your consumption, this is a great book to getting healthy.

Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease is a book that provides a system with the goal of reversing heart disease altogether without using surgical methods or medicine either. He uses plenty of science to back up his claims as well as examples of historical cases who have followed his proposed program. Much of the book is dedicated to controlling diet, as well as providing recipes for better eating, and tips on how to quit smoking and start exercising.

Janet Brill writes about Cholesterol Down: 10 Simple Steps to Lower Your Cholesterol in 4 Weeks. This book is meant to provide a game plan to help you get healthy fast without any kind of added use of drugs or medical involvement. Instead, it's with the adding of nine “miracle foods” to your diet and adding some walking and exercising to your daily habits. It's an easy to use and follow book. Finally, Jay S. Cohen writes The Magnesium Solution, a book that seeks to help with high blood pressure with the beneficial use of magnesium. As blood pressure is a major concern for people today, this book helps target that problem and shows that including magnesium in the diet can really help reduce many conflicts and problems.

This book also targets a number of other issues, such as migraine headaches, high cholesterol, and a variety of other symptoms that people encounter on a daily basis. And then there is an explanation of the problem, as well as symptoms, and how to really treat and handle it. To really find books on being healthy and helping reverse conditions that are detrimental to your heart, and in keeping a healthy lifestyle, all of these books are great references.

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