Positive thinking is not enough to achieve internal balance, happiness, and to experience our full potential.

Negative thoughts are a constant expression of lack, while positive thoughts and affirmations are positive expressions of allowing and materializing our desires, therefore it is much better and more advantageous for any individual to entertain positive thoughts, however it is not enough to really transform the reality of our lives.

Let us represent negative thoughts as if they were black sunglasses.

Try this exercise: put on a pair of dark sunglasses and look at your surroundings, you will observe that everything has lost its color and you get a dark reality. Now let us represent positive thoughts as if you are now wearing pink glasses and while looking at your surroundings you observe that even though it is prettier than when you were wearing dark sunglasses you are still not seeing the true colors. Of course the pink sunglasses are more positive, but in reality they are still limiting vision you while you are still wearing colored eyeglasses. You keep on living a reality according to the limitations of the color eyeglasses you are wearing.

There are four levels of thought energy and each of these levels have different characteristics.

The first level of energy is the level of the black sunglasses.

This level encompasses our primary negative thoughts based on our fears therefore they contain all our limitations and lacks. When a person is at this level of energy they feel frustrated, tired, without illusions or purpose of life and then they become trapped in a vicious cycle from which it is very difficult to escape once they are in this circle which is of their own creation. The following are typical expressions of someone who is at the first level of energy:

My life is a disaster
I have so many problems
I don’t know what to do to change my life
My life makes no sense
Everything bad happens to me
I have no luck

The second level of energy is the level of the glasses that change color depending on the light they are receiving.

Everything is working out fine with the pink glasses, but as soon as there is a problem the glasses turn dark. At this level, it includes positive thinking as a form of concealing and covering up negative thoughts that are still present. This is positive thinking that is limited by the underlying mass of negative energy that is still in the energy field. The following are typical expressions of someone who is at the second level of energy:

Everything is going to be fine, even though I don’t know how because the situation is very difficult.
I am going to find a better job, but if it doesn’t work out I will lose everything
I will be completely happy when I resolve my problems
I am going to buy a wonderful home, what I don’t know is how I am going to pay for it.
I am going to make the money I need to pay my debts but I don’t know when the money is coming in.
I have been working hard for so long and have not seen any results, every day I am deeper in debt.

The third level of energy is the pink glasses.

It is formed by positive thinking, where the individual has eliminated the mass of negative thinking and this is the level where the person is considered a positive individual. However this is not enough to bring forth a real personal transformation since the positive thinking generated is precisely that: positive thinking. These positive thoughts are still limited by the beliefs and feelings of the individual. There is a great difference between thinking and being and that is precisely the change and transformation that will take you to the next level of energy, to stop thinking and start being. The following are typical expressions of someone at the third level of energy.

This month I am going to make $20,000
All my problems will be resolved
I am on the right path
People around me like and appreciate me
My project will be successful
I am going to purchase my dream home

The fourth level of energy is the one that has no need for glasses.

They see all possibilities around them, they see reality without limits of any kind, the place where they can appreciate the complete spectrum of the rainbow. It is the level of energy where the person is and they know it. The solution to all their problems: money, love, peace, harmony, happiness cease to be an external thought to become an internal feeling which the mind expresses freely, without any limitations. This level of energy offers no resistance or doubts. There is complete acceptance by the individual. A complete realization that they are perfect beings created in the image of the Father, therefore they have all his attributes. The folloiwng are typical expressions of someone who is at the fourth level of energy:

I am abundance
I am love
I am the light in this problem
I am the right answer to this problem
I am the powerful energy that is realizing this project
I am success
I am happiness
I am peace

This existence is a succession of lessons, one lesson leads to the next. If you understand the lesson you are living and experiencing at this moment, then the lesson that follows will be of a higher nature and will move you up the energy scale. But if you don’t understand the lesson you are experiencing now then the next one will be at the same energy level. The experience is repeated until it is assimilated, learned.

Any person who comes into our lives, each question we are asked, any answer we give, every circumstance, every experience is a new rung of the ladder and it depends on you to either go up or down. At the end of the ladder is the simple realization of the essence of this pure and divine light. The realization that each and every one of us is a source of light, each one of us is a generator, receptor and accumulator of light. We are the creators of our reality and we have the power and wisdom inside of us to manifest on the material world everything we want with out any limitations.

How to move from black sunglasses to higher energy levels?

By becoming consciously aware of our thoughts and emotions and taking full responsibility of our lives and everything that is in it, the good, the bad and the ugly.

When we take full ownership of our reality and we stop the blaming game, we immediately open the door to change and transform our reality, we take the jump to a higher level of energy and we become consciously aware of what we are creating.

Scherezade Lozano

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Scherezade Lozano, master astrologer, spiritual coach, and author, provides individuals and business organizations with valuable information to help them achieve internal balance. To understand the situations and people in your present moment and to gain a higher perspective where you will be able to capitalize on the present opportunities and to make the changes that are necessary in your life or business to improve your experience and your results.

Scherezade has studied astrology extensively and has guided many individuals and business organizations to discover higher qualities and identify opportunities to manifest love, wealth, abundance, happiness and success.

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