The problem of being overweight is a matter of concern as this makes our body vulnerable to diseases. Want to lose weight through a healthy and smart approach? Have a leptin diet and see the results. This diet does not tell you to skip meals or focus on amounts of food intake. This simple weight loss diet program focuses on ‘what foods are being eaten' and ‘when is the food being eaten'. The items suggested in the diet can be added to your lunch, dinner, and breakfast recipes accordingly.

Know more about leptin

Leptin hormone expert, Byron J. Richards was responsible for brainstorming and devising the idea of a leptin diet. It is a hormone that sends a signal to the human brain about the stomach getting filled with enough food. Overweightness is the result of the leptin malfunction. This diet suggests reducing carbohydrates and choosing from the variety of other meal options.

5 golden rules to help you maintain your weight

The style of eating food, according to this diet, should help us in getting more energy from less food.

1. Never eat after dinner: Yes, you can have your delightful egg recipes for dinner but there is no need to eat anything after that. It is recommended to maintain a gap of 11-12 hours between breakfast and dinner. Also, have dinner 3 hours prior to sleep.

2. Eat 3 meals a day: You need to take care of the three most important meals of the day. The gap between these meals should be of 3-6 hours. With this diet, you need to say no to snack. Snacking all day makes it difficult to keep a track of what we are consuming.

3. Do not eat large meals: Saying no to snacks doesn’t mean you can eat a lot at the time of breakfast, lunch or dinner. Eating a lot altogether will result in messed up leptin production.

4. Your breakfast should be protein-rich: Our body needs to have more than 25 grams of protein daily at the time of breakfast. You can choose from a variety of egg recipes egg is the source of a good amount of protein.

5. You need to reduce your carbohydrate intake: You can replace your carbohydrate intake with carb and fibre-rich vegetables and fruits. Fruits are the best sources of fibres. You can opt for vegetable salad recipes as well. Amount of insulin and leptin can be well-maintained this way.

Have an ideal meal plan

Maintain an ideal meal plan to see the effective results. Here is a good way to go:

• Breakfast: You may include scrambled egg, oatmeal, boiled spinach in your breakfast recipes along with non-veg dishes like steak, pork, and a plenty of water.

• Lunch: Boiled meat, soup, lentils, goat cheese are some good options for lunch. Add salads from the variety of salad recipes according to your preferences.

• Dinner: Non-veg recipes like chicken, steak, seafood are good choices for dinner. You can have veggies, burritos and fruits as well.

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In-between cravings: To serve your in-between cravings have unsweetened beverages like coffee, plain tea (black or green), lemon water etc. Also, maintain a daily calorie intake of 400-600 calories. Choose your lunch, dinner, and breakfast recipes accordingly and see the results.