2018 has been one of the most exciting years in terms of weddings. With a string of Bollywood divas walking down the aisle, the tabloids were mostly choc-a-bloc with previews, reviews and opinions about their wedding looks! Who looked better in her sangeet? Priyanka or Deepika? Who nailed the wedding look better? Sonam or Priyanka? Who was more delightfully unconventional? Sonam or Deepika! 2018 was clearly the year of star weddings. And, with so many weddings to look back to, we’re clearly excited to witness the emerging trends in bridal makeup in the coming months. So, here we have compiled the most dominant trends shaping bridal makeup trends in the year 2019. What more? We have actually got a thumbs up from experts as well.

Eyes eyes – Sparkling Eyes!

And, we will straightaway start off with the eyes themselves! Are you getting married this year? Have you already started discussions with the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi? If yes, then he or she must have told you by now that heavy metal is actually trend everyone is talking about this season. Expect your makeup artist to recommend some shimmery metallic eyeshadow this year! The shimmery addition will introduce some depth to your eyes. If you are not someone who is into heavy makeup, then we would definitely like to advise that you consider adding a sheer layer of shimmery eye makeup. A bolder choice would be to settle for a double dose!

The classic red lips are going nowhere!

Hear it from the best herself! Sonam Kapoor’s make up artist, Namrata Soni opined that though 2018 was a lot about nude lips and neutrals, the timeless matte red lipstick will be the flavor of the season in 2019. Red lips have so many delightful attributes attached to it! It is delicate, liberating and every thing else that style icons relentlessly endorse. So, get your act right!

Blur is going big this season!

Smokey eyes have always caught our fascination. We have seen so many makeup tutorials being faced with an onslaught of questions focusing on smokey eyes. Bridal makeup in 2019 will clearly be moving towards the understated glamor zone of which smokey eyes are a big part. Smudged eyeliner, in short, adds a lot of oomph even to an otherwise understated look. Don’t believe us? Ask the best wedding makeup artist in Delhi. And, you will actually get your answer!

Fresh Skin

Though makeup artists have relentlessly endorsed it for years, girls, in general have not really prioritized fresh skin as they should have. The artist however will continue rooting for this enduring trend. In 2019, expect fresh and flawless skin to continue its reign.

If you’re a soon-to-be-bride then do make sure that you are looking up these trends and following the same as well. These tips will obviously help you stay ahead in the bridal fashion curve. And, last but not the least, since you have decided to take the plunge (finally), we wish you all the love and luck! Shine on!

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