It is natural for shorter people to envy taller people for the kind of commanding personality they have. When people ask how to grow taller fast, they are usually searching for ways to overpower environmental factors responsible for stunted growth of the human body. Not many people are aware of the fact that several useful remedies exist today that can answer their burning ‘how to grow taller fast’ to an effective degree. Read on to know more on how to grow taller fast.

HGH Injection – Popularly known as somatropin, HGH or Human Growth Hormone is a natural hormone produced by the pituitary gland. This hormone is greatly responsible for the growth of the human body. As we grow older, the production of HGH inside the pituitary gland comes to a halt, and we stop growing. The lack of HGH not only leads to stunted growth, but also causes muscle degeneration, untimely hair loss, etc.

Using HGH injections to speed up the body's growth is a legal alternative available to young children in the United States. If the height of a teenager is much less than others of his or her age, it can be due to the lack of HGH and HGH injections can help in such a case. This growth treatment can provide fast results, but it’s not completely safe or free of side effects.

Leg lengthening surgery – This is another artificial way of increasing the overall height of a person. It is easy to guess that this surgery can be quite expensive depending on the nature of complications involved. Leg lengthening surgery is about cutting and repositioning the bones in your legs. Bones, as well as tissues, begin to heal on their own once all the bones in your legs are repositioned. Unlike other methods, leg lengthening surgery is an extremely painful but highly promising alternative. Before you say ‘yes’ to such a procedure, it is important that you completely understand the risks involved.

Growth nutrition – At times, growth nutrition is the best answer to the’ how to grow taller fast’ question. Growth without the nutrition is not possible. It is important that you either develop your own growth nutrition plan or get in touch with an experienced medical professional for guidance. You can also consume supplements produced by credible manufactures on a daily basis to meet your body’s daily need of minerals, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients.

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