101 Laws for Elevating Your Life to the Highest Level

Laws are nothing new to us. Whether we realize it or not, we've been interacting with natural and man-made laws like physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics from our very first moments in this world.

When we were learning to walk, lost our balance, and fell down, that was an interaction with the laws of physics, gravity in particular. When we tried to grab a lit candle from the tip and got burnt, the physical laws of the elements made their introduction.

Just as laws exist in our natural physical world and within our social structures like family and government, laws also exist in the subtle world of life experience. In reality, there are laws that govern all of the important areas of our life including prosperity, relationships, health, wisdom, happiness, and success in our work.

And, as with other laws, they are in play at all times, always effecting you, every single minute.

The problem is, most people don't know these laws exist. But, that lack of knowledge is not an exemption. Whether a child knows that fire burns or not, if he touches it, it will burn. In the same way, whether we are aware of these life laws or not, we will be ef-fected by them. Ignorance or intention will not help.

If somebody jumps out of a plane and tries to fly using his power of intention, will he be successful? Laws are laws and cannot be overlooked if we want to live our lives at the highest level.

Another important point is that these laws are universal. Just as gravity does not make any distinction between size, weight, color, creed, or even species, these laws of life are designation agnostic - they do not consider the acquired designations of anyone. They apply to one and all, without exception or discrimination.

Although these laws can be used to create a life that is thrilling, they usually create the opposite effects - because people don't know that they exist and therefore unknowingly cross them.

The good news is, these laws aren't abstract flowery language. Rather, they are con-crete, comprehensive, and simple. And, anybody can learn what they are and how to use them to increase the quality of their life.

Those who are living at the highest level not only understand these laws, but they've become like master lawyers, knowing how to apply them in specific situations in order to create the most beneficial outcome.

Conversely, those who are in states of anguish, disappointment, and suffering are also under the supervision of these laws, but they are more or less helpless victims on ac-count of their lack of knowledge.

We all move up and down a large scale. The two ends of that scale are extreme pain and extreme pleasure - on physical, financial, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. And the weight that determines in which direction we move is the knowledge (or lack of knowledge) of these laws.

Therefore, my assertion is that the key to transforming your life from a mixture of dissa-tisfaction and temporary happiness to extreme thrilling pleasure is to understand these laws and integrate them into your life.

From my own experience as well as verification from many thousands of others who have had the fortune and intelligence to take the time to learn and apply these laws, I can say that they are the single most important ingredient in the transformation of your life.

Thus, they have been named the Laws of Transformation.

The Laws of Transformation are so detailed, examining and defining the governing principles of everything from the time and old age to diet and sleep cycles, that they are virtually numberless in count.

Taking the initiative to boil them down to the laws that are the most relevant for our cur-rent world situation, I've narrowed the vast "lawbooks" down to 101 Laws of Transfor-mation for the 21st Century.

These 101 laws cover the widest range of topics that I have ever seen in a personal transformation offering in my last 40+ years in the field of self growth and human potential. Here are just a handful of the topics that are covered:

• the Law of Inquiry
• the Law of Answers
• the Law of Evaluation
• the Law of Governance and Control
• the Law of Service
• the Law of Causes
• the Law of Association
• the Laws of Liberation
• the Law of Planetary Systems
• the Law of Separation
• the Law of Shelter
• the Law of Creation
• the Law of Direction
• the Laws of Perfection

There are 87 more that you are intimately intertwined with everyday.

But, just knowing these laws isn't enough. Without a roadmap that guides you through the transformational process, objective information alone will not take you where you want to go.

I had personal experience of this - trying to assimilate as much information as possible and come to my own conclusions. I was baffled. But, when I came in contact with somebody who was not only fully conversant with the information but had successfully traversed the path of transformation, and who spelled out the stages of transformation for me so that I could gauge my progress, my confusion turned to clarity and my progress became unstoppable.

In essence, there are Four Stages of Transformation.

1. Ignorant Unawareness: where one is both unaware of the Laws of Trans-formation and unaware that he is unaware.
2. Theoretical Awareness: where one is now aware of the Laws of Transfor-mation but has not yet significantly applied them.
3. Transitional Integration: this is the exciting stage, where knowledge of the Laws of Transformation has been combined with serious integration and the results are starting to fructify.
4. Perfect Integration: the stage of 'flow', where one's life has been naturally integrated with the Laws of Transformation. Here, everything done is automatically at its highest potential level.

This path of transformation is the most elevating and rewarding experience I've ever had. And now, for the very first time, I'm offering the knowledge and experience that I've received to a select group of future friends for life.

Now, an important point.

If you're looking for a quick-fix, lift-me-up, think positive kind of coach and program, then are you are not yet ready for this thrilling journey of transformation. I'm serious about transformation, even when it's uncomfortable (and believe me, sometimes it is), and I expect you to be serious too. The payoff of the total elevation of your life is well worth it.

If you are, then welcome, I can't wait to get to work with you on what I believe is the most important sojourn there is.

Author's Bio: 

Naveen Khurana, who has been a student, practitioner and teacher of the 101 Laws of Transformation for over 40 years – and recently the official guide of “Transformation” for the SelfGrowth.com community – is now dedicating the majority of his efforts to manifesting his vision of helping to create a revolutionary transformation in the lives of 1 billion people by the year 2032.

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